Date Night for Women

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Date night calls for your best LBD (little black dress), except we love the gorgeous colors and rich embellishments of the season. From Dolce & Gabbana’s iconic prints and silhouettes to The Attico’s vibrant hues and Balmain’s sparkling trompe l’œil motifs, these date night dresses are anything but basic. Use filters to shop by size and sort low-to-high for the best deals. Free 4-day worldwide shipping is standard on every order.
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Date Night for Women Alexander McQueen Silk Maxi Dress
Alexander McQueen
Silk Maxi Dress
USD 4274.64 USD 2576.79 
Approx. CAD 3512.20
Date Night for Women The Attico Rue Sleeveless Slip Dress
The Attico
Rue Sleeveless Slip Dress
USD 1573.88 USD 1052.94 
Approx. CAD 1435.17
Date Night for Women The Attico 'fujiko' Sequinned Slip Dress
The Attico
'fujiko' Sequinned Slip Dress
USD 821.06 USD 555.79 
Approx. CAD 757.55
Date Night for Women The Attico Desai Mini Dress
The Attico
Desai Mini Dress
USD 877.52 USD 474.56 
Approx. CAD 646.83
Date Night for Women The Attico Magnolia Military Print Mini Dress
The Attico
Magnolia Military Print Mini Dress
USD 1206.87 USD 810.57 
Approx. CAD 1104.82
Date Night for Women The Attico Eita Bustier Mini Dress
The Attico
Eita Bustier Mini Dress
USD 1197.47 USD 842.59 
Approx. CAD 1148.46
The Attico
Louise Mini Dress
USD 952.80 USD 522.23 
Approx. CAD 711.81
The Attico
Shirt Mini Dress
USD 1103.36 USD 702.09 
Approx. CAD 956.96
The Attico
Dark Brown Giona Midi Dress
USD 952.80 USD 608.34 
Approx. CAD 829.18
Alexander McQueen
Denim Mini Dress
USD 1536.24 USD 985.74 
Approx. CAD 1343.58
Isabel Marant
Lokeya Dress
USD 745.77 USD 452.81 
Approx. CAD 617.19
Alexander McQueen
Black Multicolour Viscose Blend Dress
USD 2392.57 USD 1449.32 
Approx. CAD 1975.44
Alexander McQueen
Evening Dress
USD 4556.94 USD 2596.76 
Approx. CAD 3539.42
Isabel Marant
Logane Dress
USD 877.52 USD 490.36 
Approx. CAD 668.37
The Attico
Purple Satin Mischa Dress
USD 821.06 USD 452.63 
Approx. CAD 616.94
The Attico
Hatty Cotton Mini-dress
USD 689.31 USD 383.03 
Approx. CAD 522.08
Dolce & Gabbana
Chiffon Dress
USD 4698.10 USD 2632.71 
Approx. CAD 3588.42
The Attico
Mini Mischia Dress
USD 952.80 USD 634.18 
Approx. CAD 864.40
The Attico
''margot'' Mini Dress
USD 595.21 USD 385.69 
Approx. CAD 525.70
Isabel Marant
Crewneck Sleeveless Dress
USD 247.03 USD 178.67 
Approx. CAD 243.53
Isabel Marant
Dilia Sweetheart Neck Mini Dress
USD 783.41 USD 460.79 
Approx. CAD 628.06
The Attico
Atwell Midi Dress
USD 915.16 USD 617.94 
Approx. CAD 842.26
Rear Zip Button Embellished Stripe Knit Dress
USD 1724.44 USD 1057.01 
Approx. CAD 1440.72
The Attico
Hurely Mini Dress
USD 821.06 USD 563.16 
Approx. CAD 767.59
The Attico
Atwell Midi Dress
USD 915.16 USD 626.19 
Approx. CAD 853.51
Dolce & Gabbana
Stretch Mini Dress
USD 1310.39 
Approx. CAD 1786.08
The Attico
Charla Satin Midi Dress
USD 1141.01 USD 611.28 
Approx. CAD 833.18
Alexander McQueen
Ruched Dress
USD 3051.29 USD 1687.69 
Approx. CAD 2300.35
Isabel Marant
V-neck Draped Dress
USD 877.52 USD 593.08 
Approx. CAD 808.38
The Attico
Chain Detail Dress
USD 952.80 USD 616.95 
Approx. CAD 840.91
Dolce & Gabbana
Lounguette Dress
USD 2157.31 USD 1737.84 
Approx. CAD 2368.70
Isabel Marant
Dorya Dress
USD 877.52 USD 561.48 
Approx. CAD 765.31
Isabel Marant
Gaelys Asymmetric Dress
USD 745.77 USD 452.81 
Approx. CAD 617.19
Isabel Marant
Runch Detailed Puff-sleeve Dress
USD 877.52 USD 529.87 
Approx. CAD 722.22
Isabel Marant
Tharya Mini Dress
USD 971.62 USD 602.49 
Approx. CAD 821.20
Alexander McQueen
Peak Corset Evening Dress
USD 3333.60 USD 2215.02 
Approx. CAD 3019.10
Alexander McQueen
Silk Dress
USD 3615.91 USD 2182.17 
Approx. CAD 2974.33
Alexander McQueen
Denim Sheath Dress
USD 1724.44 USD 993.46 
Approx. CAD 1354.10
Alexander McQueen
Shirt Dress
USD 1818.54 USD 1046.73 
Approx. CAD 1426.71
Alexander McQueen
Denim Dress
USD 1818.54 USD 1097.06 
Approx. CAD 1495.31
Dolce & Gabbana
Maiolica Print Kaftano
USD 1122.18 USD 805.70 
Approx. CAD 1098.18
Dolce & Gabbana
Chantilly Laces Fil Coupe' Longuette Dress
USD 2345.52 USD 1519.02 
Approx. CAD 2070.45
Dolce & Gabbana
Jacquard Wool Midi Dress
USD 1686.80 USD 1143.05 
Approx. CAD 1557.99
Dolce & Gabbana
Faille Moirè Mini Dress
USD 1686.80 USD 1282.87 
Approx. CAD 1748.57
Dolce & Gabbana
Abito Scollov Maiolica
USD 3286.55 USD 2183.95 
Approx. CAD 2976.75
Dolce & Gabbana
Stretch Silk Dress
USD 1780.90 USD 1091.11 
Approx. CAD 1487.20
Dolce & Gabbana
Corset Dress
USD 1592.70 USD 1138.61 
Approx. CAD 1551.94
Dolce & Gabbana
Strapless Longuette Satin Dress
USD 2345.52 USD 1475.51 
Approx. CAD 2011.14
Isabel Marant
Dilia Sweetheart Neck Mini Dress
USD 783.41 USD 502.88 
Approx. CAD 685.43
Glitter And Bow Velvet Mini Dress
USD 1536.24 USD 872.82 
Approx. CAD 1189.67
Knitted Off-the-shoulder Skater Dress
USD 2665.48 USD 1476.59 
Approx. CAD 2012.61
The Attico
Lavender Asymmetric Dress With Rhinestones
USD 2580.78 USD 1981.55 
Approx. CAD 2700.88
Dolce & Gabbana
Draped Dress
USD 2816.03 USD 1964.89 
Approx. CAD 2678.17
Alexander McQueen
USD 2383.16 USD 1432.63 
Approx. CAD 1952.69
Dolce & Gabbana
Draped Pencil Dress
USD 1875.01 USD 974.81 
Approx. CAD 1328.68
Alexander McQueen
'ethereal Orchid' Minidress
USD 2100.85 USD 1712.01 
Approx. CAD 2333.49
Isabel Marant
Laly Dress
USD 849.29 USD 543.90 
Approx. CAD 741.34
Alexander McQueen
Mini Dress
USD 2392.57 USD 1438.22 
Approx. CAD 1960.31
Alexander McQueen
Mini Dress
USD 2392.57 USD 1438.22 
Approx. CAD 1960.31
Dolce & Gabbana
Lace Dress
USD 2345.52 USD 1453.77 
Approx. CAD 1981.51
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