About Us

italist.com is revolutionizing the online distribution of luxury clothes, shoes and accessories. italist.com, based in Los Angeles, CA, is the first online marketplace fully dedicated to Italian luxury multi-brand retailers.

italist.com operates in a well defined vertical market, the lux made in Italy, almost not covered online today.

italist.com provides our customers with a larger offering than traditional luxury retailers, PLUS limited edition items and very specific SKUs found only in Italy, from legendary brands, to the most promising emerging designers.

Of course, every single piece sold on italist.com is 100% authentic.
italist.com strives to ensure our customers the best shopping experience.


Our mission is simple. We want to provide our customers the best online shopping experience possible, as if they were walking through the best multi brands luxury boutiques of Italy.

We want to re-create the one-of-a-kind experience of shopping in Italian luxury boutiques; offering exquisite Italian style and discovery of unique items that can’t be found online anywhere else.

We are building the largest selection of luxury clothes, shoes and accessories, while trying to offer our customers the best value possible.

We have build a unique team that combine passion and knowledge of the luxury fashion world with great technical expertise to make sure your experience as a customer will always been like an Italian vacation.