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Gucci represents Made in Italy excellence, quality and luxury– always faithful to the artisanal tradition of Florence, a city esteemed for its high quality materials and master craftsmen. Founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, it operated originally as a shop that sold fine leather goods with classic styling. Over the years, it became a favorite of European royalties and Hollywood celebrities. Tom Ford was promoted Creative Director in 1994 from being Gucci’s design director. Ford transformed Gucci into the most desirable fashion brand in the world during his regnant. Marco Bizzari takes on the role as president and CEO of Gucci. He eventually appointed an unlikely choice that surprised everyone: Alessandro Michele, a designer unknown to the fashion world, now becomes Gucci’s Creative Director– and little did everyone know that the reinvention of Gucci was underway. Alessandro famously put together his first menswear show in only five days. It signified Gucci’s creative and radical transformation and since then, the luxury fashion house reforms as one of the most sought-after super brands. The reinvention is about getting people around the world excited and aligned behind a new vision. Gucci largely attracted the new generation, millennials, with its eccentric, extravagant and romantic style. In every Gucci item– clothing, accessory, jewelry– there stems a powerful message: that creativity has no rules. Clearly seen on every product from the luxury brand is a wonderful blend of renaissance and modernism that when a person walks into a room wearing it, you would say without a doubt “That’s Gucci.” At present, Gucci is the biggest-selling Italian brand.
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