Anna Dello Russo style is one of the most iconic looks in Italian fashion

Italian women know a thing or two about fashion, fact. Whether they’re shopping for groceries, picking up their kids from school or grabbing an espresso, Italian glamour oozes sex appeal, confidence and elegance. Italian women just can’t help it. They grew up idolizing women like Donatella Versace and Miuccia Prada and started their fashion collections early. To many Italian women, fashion is an art form, a lifestyle, a declaration of creative freedom, and no one knows better than Vogue Japan’s Editor-At-Large and larger than life personality, Anna Dello Russo.

Described by the infamous street style photographer Helmut Newton as a ‘fashion maniac,’ Anna Dello Russo is known for her eccentric, head turning outfits. Whether she’s jet-setting from city to city for fashion week, attending a gala or heading to the office, her style choices are always bold and awaken the senses. All of them. “Nothing is sexier than excess,” she proclaims in her H&M accessories video campaign.

Dress Like an Italian Woman with These 10 Anna Dello Russo Style Tips…

Break the Rules

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Anna Dello Russo style tip number one: throw all the rules away and ignore any dress codes. Don’t be afraid to wear evening wear during the day or combine seasons, textures and colors. Anna isn’t afraid to wear a beautiful evening gown when the sun rises. “Why must I wait till the night time to wear a fabulous evening dress?” “The fashion bloggers aren’t there at night – so they won’t be able to see me!” she tells Cosmopolitan magazine. Don’t wait for those special occasions for the good stuff. Every day is a special occasion.

Stilettos are Life

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Even on those cobblestone streets, Italian women can pull off a sky high stiletto with grace and elegance. Anna Dello Russo style tip number two. You can never own too many pairs of shoes. Anna owns a whopping 4,000 pairs of shoes, and you’d be hard pressed to find anything but heels. “Flat shoes don’t give you ‘attitude’ like a pair of heels do. Put on a high heel and everything will change.” Try brands like Sergio Rossi and Cassadei.

Accessories = Personality

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Jewelry beautifully accentuates your personal style. Whether it’s a pair of chandelier earrings or a statement necklace dripping in pearls, Anna suggests you “wear jewelry that’s visible from very far away. It’s also important to go big on color.” Anna Dello Russo style tip number three: allow your personality to make a statement with your accessories and have fun with them.

Crown your Head

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Italian women know that the right hat provides the crowning touch to any outfit. “My head is the place I can play with irony,” she says. Anna’s worn everything from a Phillip Tracy hat to a cherry-shaped design by Milliner Piers Atkinson. Anna Dello Russo style tip number four: experiment with hats. Try brands like Lanvin or Super Duper Hats.

Merchandise your Outfits
Sometimes you just don’t know what to wear and it kills your mood to go out. Yes, this happens to Anna. Anna Dello Russo style tip number five: “I put out a few skirts, tops, accessories, and dresses on my bed and “go shopping” for an outfit, and I find I’m suddenly feeling much more like partying!”

Enjoy Fashion as You’d Enjoy Your Cuisine

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With Italian women, there’s no room for thinking you look “too much” when it comes to fashion. “I like wearing a selection of my accessories. It’s just like how I am with food, I enjoy a full plate,” she says in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. Anna Dello Russo style tip number six: It’s best to try lots of different styles, even all at once.”

Add a Personal Touch

anna dello russo style, paris fashion week, accessories, fur parka
Italian women are vivacious and full pf personality. Always add a personal twist to your look. Nobody else can wear your personal style because it’s unique to you. Anna Dello Russo style tip number seven: “Make an impact in every room you enter.” No one can make you shine but yourself.

Vogue Fashion Showers
Looking fabulous 24/7 isn’t for the faintest. It takes endurance and inspiration to stay motivated to put effort into how you dress. It’s not easy and oftentimes a long day gets the best of us. When asked by Glamour Magazine, what she does to get ready for a night out when she’s exhausted, she offered this advice. Anna Dello Russo style tip number eight: “You need to take a fashion shower and then you’ll wake up.”

Fashion Hurts

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According to Anna, fashion is never comfortable. Anna Dello Russo style tip number eight: “If you’re not uncomfortable, you’ll never get the look.”

Be Fabulous at Any Age and Size

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You’ll notice in Italy, women of every size and age look not only put together, but glamorous. Fashion isn’t just reserved for the model thin and below thirty five crowd. Anna Dello Russo style tip number ten: “It doesn’t matter the size of your body. Fashion flatters everyone.” “I want to celebrate fashion at every moment of my life. Through my clothes I can say something that I cannot say to the world.” There’s no age limit for self expression.

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