Why Fendi Bags are the way to go for your next Glam Event

Ding! There goes your phone. A new text just came in from your friends inviting you to the most glamorous event. So exciting, and what is even more exciting is the fact that you have the most amazing dress in your closet you’ve been dying to finally wear. There is only one issue…you need the perfect bag to match and that’s where we come in. Fendi is a staple when it comes to bags made to wear at a glam event. Right now we are loving the guitar strap trend they started. The micro baguette is perfect because it is a great size for events and it’s embellished.
fendi Bag2

Fendi Bags are FAB

There are so many unique varieties of Fendi bags and all of them will make you stand out. The best part about the options on sale now, is the fact that even though there are embellishments, these bags still maintain a sleek chic look. We like to take a smaller bag to glam events which is why we recommend the micro baguette because the bigger ones give more of a daytime feel. This bag has such a dynamic design that will be sure to help you keep your belongings in check, because we all know a glam event isn’t glam without prosecco! Everyone is rocking Fendi right now so why shouldn’t you?
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