The Versatile Appeal of Carrying a Designer Backpack,  The Fendi Studs Backpack

There is a new handbag in town and it is the designer backpack. This casual style has gathered a lot of attention for spring, because the streets are seeing many shoulder styles that encompass youthful and sporty influences. The Fendi Studs Backpack does not lack opulence and that’s why it is our first choice. We have observed some unique qualities about the Fendi bag that sets it apart from the other backpacks on the market. The soft pastel color ways styled alongside the color-blocked square embellishments stay on trend with the upcoming season. This combo adds a chic and feminine touch to the boyish shape that is commonly associated with backpacks. The detachable guitar style straps are not only featured on all the catwalks, but also give this bag a creative mix between elegance and edge. Size is important when choosing the right bag and these handbags vary from large to small, but we like the small size that Fendi has designed.


Fendi Petite 2Jours Tote Handbag_2

 The Fendi Studs Backpack

We fear the larger versions of this style would begin to get too heavy and uncomfortable to carry. The smaller size is just big enough to carry all of the essentials, but also small enough to prevent one from packing it too full. This handbag is perfect for all of the adventures that follow the pleasant spring weather. Whether you are hitting the park with your kids, shopping, or traveling, we found that Fendi has made the ideal handbag for these daily activities. These mini backpacks have been pushed as a key accessory for spring and of course you can find one perfect for you on Italist.


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