Go-Go Check out These White Boots

All of Europe has seen white boots walking down the streets making a bold statement. This boot points you in the right direction when navigating through all of the key street style accessories this season. This non-color boot, has crossed through the best retail stores thresholds and into the shopping bags of customers all across the world. So why is this 70’s style boot getting so much attention? Well this typically impractical color, will provide you with the right declaration that a well dressed boot always provides. They are a fresh take on a classic shoe and fashionable people are always looking for the best new thing. While these may seem hard to keep clean, there are many sprays you can apply before your first wear that can aid in the preservation process.


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White Boots

White is a color that can often frighten people, but we believe that this boot trend is not scary at all. Instead of black, try reaching for a white boot this summer to brighten up your pallet. There are many styles to choose from, but we adore the Maison Margiela leather ankle boot. It is best option for summer, because the ankle does not reach high and there is an open toe. This is perfect for the hot weather and we also appreciate how low the heel is. This boot is available on Italist along with a few more white boot styles.


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