Who is Elisabetta Franchi, how to pronounce Elisabetta Franchi, where is Elisabetta Franchi made, and is Elisabetta Franchi sustainable?

Since many young girls follow me on social media, I try to communicate to them that behind Elisabetta Franchi there isn’t just a pretty house, a nice car, and the runway, but a woman who started from zero, went through hard times, and climbed uphill. If she is here today, it is because of a gift, but also because of sacrifices, strength, and will. –Elisabetta Franchi

how to pronounce elisabetta franchi

Feminine, glamorous, passionate, and creative, Elisabetta Franchi puts her heart and soul into her eponymous fashion house. But success didn’t come easy–it took hard work, determination, and enthusiasm for the designer to get where she is today. And her story sounds just like a fairy tale…

Who is Elisabetta Franchi?

Elisabetta Franchi was born in Bologna in 1968, one of five children. The household was run by her mother, who struggled financially to raise her children on her own. Today, the designer acknowledges how the absence of a father figure and the many hardships she and her family had to endure led her to stubbornly and passionately pursue her dream–working in fashion.

Growing up, Elisabetta had a rag doll, Betty, whom she liked to dress up using scraps of fabric. A companion, and, in a way, Elisabetta’s first client, Betty infused her with hope and courage. Elisabetta dreamed of dressing women all over the world, just like she did her doll.

who is elisabetta franchi

So, she went on to study at Bologna’s Istituto Aldrovandi Rubbiani, while she worked several jobs to make ends meet. In 1998, together with Sabato Cennamo, Elisabetta founded the company Betty Blue S.p.a. and launched the fashion label CELYN b. In 2012, she founded her eponymous fashion house.

How to pronounce Elisabetta Franchi

Struggling to pronounce the designer’s name? Here’s how to pronounce Elisabetta Franchi correctly: EH-LEE-ZAH-BEH-TAH FRAHN-KEE.

If you’re still unsure, view this video at the 0:14 timestamp and listen to Elisabetta say her own name!

how to pronounce elisabetta franchi

Glamorous femininity, 100% made in Italy

My fashion is feminine because I don’t follow the trends, as I truly believe in the femininity value and this is my main reference. Since…ever. –Elisabetta Franchi

The Elisabetta Franchi aesthetic can be summed up in one word: feminine.

Timelessly elegant, the fashion house’s ready-to-wear, bags, footwear, and accessories stand out for the sleek lines, playful prints, refined details, and the signature EF monogram. Every piece is built to enhance the woman’s figure, rather than overpower it.

how to pronounce elisabetta franchi

When it comes to bags, we especially love the iconic red monogram bag, an eccentric shopper featuring practical handles and sophisticate lines, as well as this classy black shoulder bag. Pair it with one of Franchi’s dresses and these stud logo earrings with pearls for a show-stopping look. For a casual spring look, we find this ribbed minidress irresistible.

From research to prototypes to the final touches, every phase of production is carried out at the company headquarters, near Bologna. What was an old pharmaceutical company has been transformed into a stunning complex, inspired by eco-sustainable architecture, where glass, metal, and wood are unrivaled protagonists. Here, the magic happens—expert hands bring Elisabetta’s designs to life. And her dreams come true.

who is elisabetta franchi

Is Elisabetta Franchi sustainable?

Elisabetta Franchi is a renowned animal lover, and deeply cares about animal rights and sustainability.

Starting from the FW14 collection, she gradually eliminated feathers and down filling from her pieces. She also banned the use of angora wool from her collections, as it is pulled from the animals using cruel techniques.

Moreover, the designer has created the Elisabetta Franchi Foundation, a non-profit organisation that supports a range of initiatives to defend animal rights, such as the construction of a dog oasis and refuge in the north of China. 

Elisabetta’s motto: “There’s no need to wear a fur coat for our vanity”.

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who is elisabetta franchi

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