Discover what the global fashion set is purchasing in Italian luxury fashion boutiques with this infographic is the largest marketplace for Italian luxury fashion boutiques. In a country where luxury fashion is life, Italian fashion buyers posses the sharpest eye in our industry. Italist runs a quarterly report identifying the global trends from the purchases from customers from all over the world.

For this report, analyzed the sales of 200 top Italian retailers to uncover the most sold brands per region and category for both men and women for the FW16 season. From this analysis, we’ve also determined the top five countries that spend the most in Italian luxury fashion boutiques. In order from highest spending, those countries are the United States, Hong Kong, South Korea, The United Kingdom and finally, Japan.

The 8 Countries Analyzed in This Global Trend Report

Based on the purchasing data from over 200 Italian retailers, we have determined a distinctly unique brand and style affinity for eight different countries. Each style type is based on purchase, gender and geographic region. The eight countries analyzed in this report are:

  1. Cape Town, South AfricaChic & Comfortable
  2. Seoul, KoreaFashion Forward & Self Expressed
  3. Sydney, AustraliaChic & Carefree
  4. Milan, ItalyElegant & Chic
  5. New York City, New YorkUrban & Individualistic
  6. Sau Paulo, BrazilTraditional & Classy
  7. Dubai, United Arab EmiratesModest & Elegant
  8. Moscow, RussiaClassy & On-Trend

What are the bestsellers for this FW16 season?

Cape Town, South Africa

The style in Cape Town, South Africa can be described as chic and comfortable. The women in this country have a keen disposition for Valentino, Fendi and Gucci, whereas the men also prefer Gucci for their favorite footwear brand, but prefer Philipp Plein as their top apparel choice.

Seoul, Korea

Fashionistas in Seoul are fearless when it comes with experimentation and are bold when it sharing their own personal style. Top brands for women in Seoul are Moncler, Fendi and Italian footwear brand, Golden Goose, and the men are opting for Saint Laurent and Valentino.

Sydney, Australia

The Australian fashion set is stylish and well connected. More and more top fashion blogs are coming from down under. The ladies love to wear Givenchy and Valentino whereas Australian men love Dolce & Gabbana and Nike.

Milan, Italy

As the fashion capital of the world, the Italian fashion set drives trends before they even happen. It’s no surprise that Milanese women love Fendi, Gucci and Christian Louboutin and the men love DSQUARED2 and Gucci.

New York City, New York

New Yorkers ooze effortless style that’s always refined and polished. Female New Yorkers love Gucci, Fendi and Valentino and the men are buying a lot of Valentino and Saint Laurent.

Sau Paulo, Brazil

While fiery and passionate as a nation, the fashion set in Sau Paulo is modestly more traditional. Brazilian women are buying Brunello Cucinelli, Fenid and Salvatore Ferragamo and men are spotted in Gucci and Fendi.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Elegance pours through the styles in both men and women in this luxurious city. Women are wearingGucci, Fendi and Saint Laurent and men are choosing to wear Valentino and Gucci.

Moscow, Russia 

The fashion set in Moscow marries top trends with sophistication and elegance. Here, women are wearing Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci and men are opting for Gucci and Dior.

INFOGRAPHIC: Top Global Trends for Italian Luxury Fashion Boutiques – FW16

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Global fashion Trend Report, Italian Luxury Fashion Boutiques,, fashion infographic

** please email to secure your own high-resolution copy of the infographic below



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