Is Max Mara Italian, what is Max Mara Studio, and what are Max Mara’s must-have coats this fall?

In 1951, Italian entrepreneur Achille Maramotti had a clear vision: to combine haute couture with industrial production methods. He believed the future of fashion lay in the production on a large scale of sharply tailored, high quality clothes, so they would be accessible to all women—not only the very wealthy.

“Max Mara is the symbol of a utopian dream, of a quality garment for everyone.”

So he established Max Mara, a name which comes from an abbreviation of Maramotti’s last name, and a reference to Count Max, a fun-loving, stylish local. Needless to say, Maramotti was successful in his endeavor. Max Mara was an instant success, and, today, the brand still represents the best of the made in Italy spirit. 

celebrities in max mara coats

The (now classic) Max Mara coat is a timeless piece adored by celebrities, and is arguably one of the most iconic designs in modern fashion. Find out why Max Mara coats are special and how to wear them.

In the words of Quirino Conti: “Max Mara is the symbol of a utopian dream, of a quality garment for everyone.” It’s true…most Italian women over the age of 30 have at least one Max Mara coat in their repertoire!

Is Max Mara Italian? 1000%.

Where is Max Mara made?

Where are Max Mara coats made? In Italy, ovviamente.

where are max mara coats made

The first Max Mara production center was in Reggio Emilia, Maramotti’s hometown and where the company’s headquarters are located. In 1988, a new factory specialized in coats was opened: the Manifattura di S. Maurizio. Less than three miles east of Reggio Emilia, the factory is set across 10000 square feet, and employs 250 people.

The workforce, mainly constituted of skilled craftswomen, produces around 450 coats per day, each of which takes four to five hours. Twenty percent of each piece is made by hand, while the rest is entrusted to innovative and modern machinery.

For Max Mara, quality is a priority. “We provide our workers with constant training,” director Giuseppe Bacci told WWD, “and we [aim] to maintain and develop our quality culture.” 

So is Max Mara Italian? Through and through!

What is Max Mara Studio?

Max Mara Studio is one of Max Mara’s many diffusion lines (i.e. sub-brands), which include Weekend Max Mara, ‘S Max Mara, MAX&Co., Penny Black, Marella, Sportmax, and Marina Rinaldi.

what is max mara studio

Max Mara Studio focuses on fashion staples and reinterpreting classic clothing for the contemporary woman. Max Mara Studio collections feature clean, feminine shapes, delicate patterns, sophisticated tailoring, and neutral colors.

Some of our favorite pieces from the FW21 collection are the beige Serena cashmere blend sweater, the black high-waisted straight-leg pants, and the beige Cantu coat. Pair them together for a timeless yet contemporary outfit. 

Discover Max Mara Studio pieces for women.

Must-have Max Mara coats

Coats are at the core of Max Mara’s identity. The classic Max Mara coat is a timeless piece that will never go out of style: universally glamorous, effortlessly chic, and absolutely irresistible.

max mara 101801 coat

According to Creative Director Ian Griffiths, “the perfect coat is the one you’re still wearing in twenty years’ time, which you pass on to your daughter.” So forget fleeting trends, and beware of rushing to buy that extravagant coat you just saw on Instagram – invest in a classic, sophisticated wardrobe staple. You will never tire of it, and your daughter will love it, too.

Here are the three Max Mara coats you need in your wardrobe this fall:

101801 Coat

Created by designer Anne-Marie Beretta in 1981, Max Mara’s 101801 coat (above) is the quintessential “It Coat”. Double-breasted and with kimono sleeves that can be easily rolled up to suit any arm length, this classy wool and cashmere coat transcends time and passing trends.

“This is our key coat,” says Max Mara Fashion Director Laura Lusuardi. “Like the Kelly bag for Hermes and the trench coat for Burberry.” The design of the iconic 101801 coat has remained unchanged since 1981. With its perfect proportions and flattering silhouette, it has inspired various artists. A true work of art.

Available in six colors: camel, turtledove, black, ultramarine, tobacco, and white.

Teddy Bear Coat

Created in 2013, the Teddy Bear Coat has already reached iconic status. Loved by celebrities, this coat is cozy and warm…like a teddy bear.

max mara teddy coat

This oversized, playful design is crafted in soft camel wool (a soft and plush fabric derived from camel hair) on a silk base, and sharply tailored. Wear it with vintage jeans and black chunky boots for an interesting contrast. 

Available in five colors: camel, white, beige, black, and red.

Manuela Coat

The Manuela belted coat is one of Max Mara’s most feminine designs. Tailored in a slim-fitting, trench silhouette, this sophisticated coat elevates any outfit. The original design was created in 1998, and was recently reinterpreted by Creative Director Ian Griffiths. Cut in luxurious camel wool, the Manuela coat will never go out of style.

Available in four colors: camel, black, ultramarine, and red.

max mara manuela coat

By now you know that the answer to is Max Mara Italian is a resounding yes—and it’s one of our favorite brands in the world, for reasons that are now apparent.

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