Kuboraum is the German optical brand steeped in the avant-garde, and in the over-saturated eyewear category, Kuboraum glasses are fresh, as are Kuboraum sunglasses

If you’re looking for something different in the world of eyewear, Kuboraum frames may be your prescription. Perhaps you’re looking for a wearable piece of art? Then Kuboraum is a name you should know.

kuboraum glasses

As stated on its homepage:

“Kuboraum are masks designed on the face of those who wear them, masks that highlight personality and emphasize character.” 

We like optical Kuboraum glasses as well as fashionable Kuboraum sunglasses for their uniqueness, meticulous European design and attention to detail, and made-in-Italy quality. They’re also popular with the fashion media, having been featured in numerous fashion spreads and on covers since the label was founded in 2012.

All Kuboraum frames are identified by their model number, which follows the 26-letter alphabet (A through Z) with accompanying numbers 1-100.

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Kuboraum Glasses

Kuboraum glasses for optical purposes, also known in the brand’s vernacular as “optical masks” come in myriad shapes and colorways, and evoke an overarching sense of high design and quirkiness. The label utilizes fine Italian acetate, precious metals, and many special techniques to achieve layered, juxtaposed, and intricately textured frames.

Rest assured, you’re unlikely to encounter anyone else with a Kuboraum “mask” quite like whichever one you choose.

kuboraum sunglasses

Kuboraum Sunglasses

Kuboraum sunglasses follow the same design schemes and tenets as the optical Kuboraum glasses range, only with better sun and UV protection. Look for even larger dimensions, brighter and bolder colors, and an emphasis on statement styles rather than anything that’ll fly under the radar.

Many of the “sun mask collection” models can also be retrofitted with prescription lenses, but please consult your nearest optician to confirm your prescription and whether it will fit within your desired Kuboraum frames.

kuboraum glasses

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