First Italian mens bespoke shop arrives on Melrose later this month

On the quest to create the modern day perfect gentleman, Italy native Denis Frison has landed in Los Angeles and is bringing Italian mens bespoke to our city. “My passion has always been with classic tailoring. I’m extremely excited to share my interpretation of Italian bespoke with the U.S.,” says Frison.

Denis’ story is bold, beautiful and filled with achievement. Having gained notoriety for his impeccable street style, Denis has gone from making photocopies and coffee in his early years, to opening his namesake mens bespoke shop.

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When it comes to fashion, Denis is known for mixing different fabrics and attitudes. The same goes for his Melrose store. When you walk in you notice the juxtaposition of old and new and splashes of local flavor though custom murals. No detail has been overlooked.

We sat down with Denis for lunch and an interview. Enjoy our conversation!

How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
I started with humble beginnings. I worked with Italian designer Stefano Durelli for almost ten years. I helped by cleaning the office and making photocopies and coffee. Overtime, I became his right-hand-man for design and helped launch several brands. 

What is Italian bespoke?
Italian mens bespoke is a lifestyle, not just a suit. I want to make the perfect gentleman, but new. 

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What was your motivation for opening up your new Melrose store?
Everything that influences me comes from music and movies. Both of these were born in LA and continue to thrive here. While my first inclination was to move the business to New York City, I believe there’s bigger possibility here in LA. I love it here.

What can we expect from the new store?
First, is the experience. We’re creating a shop you want to spend time in. The vintage slabs on the ceiling represent the classic parts of the Denis Frison man, and the modern dark woods and vibrant paint represent his modern side. We have a private fitting area that’s painted by local artists so you can expect a surprise every time you visit.

Second, you’ll always be able to interact with me. I want to be accessible. If someone says “hey, I want to meet Denis.” Ok, I’ll be there in 30 minutes. It’s nice to have the possibility to meet my customers face to face and vice versa. When you come to create a special jacket here, we’re making it together. That’s mens bespoke.

How does it work?
It’s very simple and fun. You’ll first decide if you want to work off our ready-to-wear pieces or design a completely custom suit. If you want a rockstar jacket or moto jacket, we’ll make it for you. I don’t want to change your style, I want to create a piece that’s perfectly you. We’ll take your measurements and in 15 days you’ll have your first fitting back at the shop. 15 days is a quick turnaround for a mens bespoke fitting – usually you need two to three months to get to this point. Twenty days after your first fitting, you’ll have your custom garment in your hands.

Why is your process so quick?
We have a partnership with an old artesian tailor back in Italy and another great partner, Vitale Barberis Canonico, who makes the finest fabrics for tailor-made suits. These two partners teamed together allow this all to be possible. 

How do your Italian roots find their way into your work?
I grew up in a normal family in Snia, a small town outside of Milan. I was very close to my grandmother who was passionate about theater and literature. She taught me to be a gentleman and I’ve carried this into my mens bespoke business.

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What’s your most treasured possession?
I collect everything. My collections are my most prized possessions.

Do you have a fashion muse? How have their inspired your work?
Ralph Lauren.
Why? We live our lives in the same way. He collects everything, the same way I do. Our collections are pieces of earth, pieces of dreams, pieces of everything. I tell people that my dream is my best friend. It’s my family, it’s my daily conversation, it’s everywhere. Sometimes I hate him and sometimes I love him. In 2010, the Lauren family gave me the nickname, “The Collector of Dreams.”

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What should every man have in their closet?
Black tie is the first important thing to have in your wardrobe. It’s important to show your elegance and dress for the occasion. 

Describe yourself in one sentence.
I’m a contemporary gentleman and I try to make things special for my life and for people.

As an Italist customer, you are personally invited to the grand opening party of Denis Frison Bespoke on Melrose from 5:00-9:00pm on Tuesday, March 29th. 

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