Stand out this festival season with a pair of golden goose sneakers

Festival season has arrived. That means dancing and walking are on the horizon and what does one need to stand out of the crowd? A dope a pair tennis shoes is what and we collectively agree that Golden Goose still holds the spotlight in the sneaker department. Open toed shoes are a no when it comes to music festivals, but high heels are an even harder no. Sir, I would like to try to feel my feet the next day am I right? Therefore the best way to stay comfortable and keep your toes … while maintaining the ability to look fashionable, is to purchase a pair of Golden Goose sneakers. These are our favorites, because they come distressed giving them character and the gateway to make up stores about all the cool places you haven’t been. Golden Goose sneakers are the way to go.

Golden Goose Sneakers

Who knew shoes could be such a good conversation starter? Well thanks to these stylish pumped up kicks we can dance all night long to our favorite bands. We have seen the most stylist of ladies rocking these shoes for months, but there is something about adding them to a festival outfit that will provide you with the extra trendy shoes you desire. They are very much one of a kind shoes that will not only give you edge, but also provide you with the protection you need while attending such an intense event. Italist has a fabulous variety of Golden Goose sneakers for you to choose from.
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