Three Ways to Wear a Designer Graphic T-Shirt

Momma told me, not to sell work but to go out and buy a designer t-shirt. Are you looking for the answer to the question that so many have asked themselves since the beginning of time? The golden question being, what can I do to amp up my style game? While a few decades ago the answer was a flapper dress, today it is to buy a designer t-shirt. Street style is so important in the fashion world right now and the graphic t-shirt, a street style essential, is not going anywhere.

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The Trend Right Now: Designer Graphic T-Shirts

With that being said, so many more people are upping the ante by getting designer graphic t-shirts. We have discovered the three most popular and appropriate ways to rock your designer t-shirt. We are going to let a few famous stylish ladies provide visual aids for our three favorite ways to wear graphic tee. Olivia Culpo, also known as miss universe, nailed the first way we love to wear our graphic tees. We love to pair them with leather jackets to deliver a flawless look with a side of edge. She does this perfectly by adding the silver embellishments keeping her leather ensemble sleek. The next way we like to style our designer graphic tees is to pair them with ripped jeans, to achieve a more casual look. Kyle Jenner pulls this look off to perfection, because she opted for grey instead of blue jeans. Her accessories also match the casual but appropriate look for days that the graphic t-shirt is best worn on. The last way we like to wear our graphic t-shirts is what we call the dressed down businesswomen. Dakota Fanning kills this look that can be achieved by pairing the tee with either a blazer or a fancy skirt. We love this look because it is a creative way to dress down your nicer pieces. The pieces we set asides because we save them for special occasions, well here is a way to get those off the hanger more often. Getting a designer t-shirt is the next step to take if you are a fashionista who is looking to be the girl that perfects this trend.

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