Be Vibrant in Balenciaga’s Round Neck Top

All of the retailors are loving lavender this season and so are we with the Balenciaga’s Round Neck Top. It is a great color on every completion and luckily it is everywhere. It provides us with a fresh perspective on other summer colors and adds a statement to floral prints. The Balenciaga’s Round Neck Top is also a great color to accessorize with and can be easily styled alongside denim. We found the perfect lavender top that embodies class and style. The Round Neck Top is designed by the beloved fashion house, Balenciaga. It has so many lovely details that make this top unforgettable. The sleeves have an adorable ruffle that brings out the ruffle located on the mid section of this shirt. The ruffles and pleats provide a stylish addition to a blouse that creates a flattering silhouette.



Balenciaga’s Round Neck Top

Our favorite part about the Balenciaga’s Round Neck Top is the extended fabric on the right side. We love the look of having one section tucked into ripped jeans and the other extended along the leg. This also aids in the figure flattering influence that this blouse embodies. Lavender can often be a forgotten color, but this season it is hitting every store making it a statement. If you are looking for the next color to add to your closet we encourage you to shop around on Italist for a lilac or lavender piece.


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