Returns and Refunds

Returns Policy

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can always return it. Returns that do not comply with our policy will be refused and returned to you. Please be sure to read our Returns Policy thoroughly before submitting your return.
Remember, you’re importing luxury goods directly from Italy, so your returns are processed through Italian customs. This process typically requires additional shipping costs, customs duties, and/or courier charges which is why we don’t offer free returns at this time.
You will be responsible for the shipping costs, customs duties estimated at the time the refund is paid, processing fees determined by Italist, and/or courier charges.
All returns must meet the following requirements for processing:
You are required to use italist’s courier, which is DHL in most parts of the world, to return your item. Additionally, your return must be associated with the specific waybill and proforma invoice provided by DHL (please see instructions about the return process here), otherwise it will not be accepted.
All returns must be shipped to italist within 14 days of the package delivery date.
Returns must be shipped from the same country as the original shipping address. You may not ship the order to one country, and then return it from an address outside that country.
If you refuse delivery for any reason, then you are responsible for the contents of that order and will not be eligible for a full refund by italist.
Items from different luxury boutiques should not be returned together. Please return each item individually using separate shipping boxes.
The original brand box or shoebox is considered part of the product and must be placed in another shipping box to avoid damage.
Products must be returned with their original tag(s) and label(s) still attached. If any tag(s) or label(s) are removed from the item, then the return will be refused.
Items must be returned unworn, unwashed, unironed, unused, and undamaged.
All returns must include the dust bag, brand box, shoebox, and all original packaging as these items are considered part of the product.
We do not accept returns for underwear, swimwear, fur coats, jewelry, or watches.
If under exceptional circumstances we accept a return for a fur coat, please be aware there will be higher than normal return and restocking charges and fees.
Final sale items cannot be returned or exchanged.
Please note that all shoes should be tried on inside, on a carpeted surface; be mindful not to scratch the soles or damage the shoebox (which is considered part of the product). Worn shoes will not be eligible for return.
Please handle light-colored bags carefully. Dark clothing can transfer dye to light-colored bags. Bags that are scratched, worn or smeared will not be eligible for return.
Please wear undergarments when trying on lingerie. And please note that hosiery must be returned unopened in its original packaging.
Colors can appear as a slightly different shade on your display depending on your computer monitor, mobile device, or tablet. We always make our best effort to display colors as accurately as possible, but we cannot guarantee colors.
We monitor the number of returns made by each customer. Our team may flag any return and refuse it at our discretion. Excessive returns and/or serious violation of our return policy may lead to the closure of your italist account.
If an item(s) is returned that violates our return policy, the return will be refused. The item(s) will be shipped to our Milan office where we will arrange the return shipping back to you, using our DHL account for a subsidized cost at your expense. You will receive an email advising of the violation, the cost of the return, and a link to pay for the return costs. You will have 75 days to make payment. Failure to pay for the return costs will result in a loss of the returned item that violated our returns policy. Please contact for any questions.

Requesting a Return

  • Log into your account on italist and to go to "Orders & Returns" under the "My Account" tab.
  • Click on the order number and choose the item you wish to return by clicking "Request Return."
  • Select – select the reason for your return.
  • Book – choose a date and time (within three business days) to schedule a pickup by the courier.
  • Print – download and print the waybill and proforma invoice and insert them into the plastic folder provided by DHL, then affix the slip with the return information to the original shipping box, or a similar one.
  • Pack & Ship – prepare carefully the return package for pickup. Insert the item with their identifying tag and original label(s) still attached. Dust bag and brand box (if received) are considered part of the product. The brand box (e.g., a shoebox) must be placed inside another shipping box to prevent damage.
  • NOTE: Please return each item individually using separate shipping boxes. If you have any further questions or if you believe you have received a defective product or an incorrect item, then please send an email with a brief description of the issue and photographs to our customer service team at and wait for further instructions before returning your item.


Exchanges are treated like returns. If you would like to make an exchange, then you will need to return the original item first. Since we source our products from hundreds of partner boutiques across Italy, you will need to place another order for the new item you wish to purchase.


Once your returned item is received, and we verify that it complies with our returns policy, we will submit a refund request through your original payment method. Please note that refunds may take several days to process depending on your bank or credit card provider.
Once the return is processed and verified, you will receive a refund for the price of the order, excluding the total of shipping costs, customs duties estimated at the time the refund is paid, processing fees determined by Italist and/or courier charges. In the event that any actual charge is greater than the charge estimated at the time the refund is paid to you, we will not seek to recover those funds from you, and in the event that any actual charge is less than the charge estimated, we will retain those funds. Please note, customs duties are nonrefundable through italist. You may be able to recover customs duties by contacting the local customs bureau directly. This option may not be applicable in all countries, so we recommend that you hire a customs broker to determine whether you can apply for a refund for customs fees related to your return.

Prevent Returns Abuse

If you abuse italist’s return policy, you will be banned from future use of our shopping platform. italist takes returns very seriously and it uses a number of advanced software solutions such as Riskified, Adyen, VISA and Master Card Secured to manage its returns. Such solutions can detect fraudulent returns and ban shoppers from future online purchases on and other platforms.

Promotions Policy

From time to time, certain items are offered for sale on To the extent that our promotions or listings involve retail price comparisons or comparable value comparisons, we investigate prices at which such merchandise is being offered by representative retail outlets in one or more areas where our customers are based, in order to be reasonably certain that the price we advertise is fairly compared with the price at which substantial sales of any such article are being made in one or more areas where our customers are based. Whenever we advertise discounts off retail prices (MSRP) which have been established or suggested by manufacturers (or other nonretail distributors), we advertise a list price honestly and in good faith and, to the extent possible, we publish the specific MSRP or its source.
Our base prices at checkout, even after adding duties and taxes, are typically 30% to 40% less than manufacturer suggested retail prices for the same goods in comparable regions. Our discounted prices are even lower and include up to a 60% sale discount off base prices.

Price Adjustment

At italist, you are shopping for items supplied by our luxury partners in Italy. The items are expertly curated by our team and prices of goods are determined by each italist partner. Therefore, we list the prices supplied by the partners, and the price of the same item may vary depending on your location and the partner which supplies the item. Prices are frequently updated by our partners and may be subject to adjustments. To see accurate prices, select your shipping destination from the menu at the top right corner of our site. Please note: Placing an item in your shopping bag or Wishlist does not reserve it at a particular price.

Product Authenticity

We are committed to offering only the highest quality, authentic, brand-new luxury goods. Products are sourced and curated by our partner boutiques in Italy, and all of the items are imported directly from the luxury boutiques to you.
We have an extensive vetting process to ensure that we only offer genuine luxury goods, but if you have any concerns regarding a product’s authenticity, please let us know.
If you believe that you’ve received a product that's not authentic, then please fill out this Intellectual Property Rights Feedback form within 30 days of delivery.
Please note, you will need to provide the following supporting documentation for us to evaluate your claim:
  • Photographs of the product in its original condition, unworn and unused, with the label(s) attached in its original packaging; and
  • Any relevant evidence that demonstrates why the item is of questionable authenticity.