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Expertly-curated luxury, imported from Italy at the best price, and delivered to your doorstep.
italist is the first platform to offer direct-to-consumer imports of luxury goods exclusively from Italy. Through italist, customers can purchase brand-new, genuine, in-season fashion and accessories from our partner boutiques in Italy. The same high-quality products you’d find on other sites are available at a lower retail price through our partner boutiques—up to 30% less—so italist always provides the best value.
How do we do it?
Here’s a quick look at how #italistdoesitbetter.

What insiders are saying

My new favorite!
“If you are a seasoned Italian designer shopper and know your size, you are in for a pleasant surprise. I love love love my new Valentino Dollybow sandals. This won't be my last purchase.” – Susan H.

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Before italist

Once upon a time, style professionals and fashion lovers had a secret.

Insiders knew that by visiting boutiques in Italy, they could find in-season fashion and luxury accessories from their favorite designers and emerging brands at the best price.

Back then, industry insiders had two ways to stock up.

They could fly to Italy, shop at the boutiques in person, and stuff their suitcases with as much as they could carry home.

Or they could communicate with the retailers directly to arrange the import of these luxury goods from Italy to their respective country. This was often a lengthy process, which required personal relationships and knowledge of the Italian language, and customers had to navigate the complicated customs process on their own.

We saw a better way.

Luxury Meets Tech

In 2014, italist was born in Silicon Valley. That fall, italist received funding from 500 Startups and other institutional investors. Soon after, italist opened an office in Los Angeles where the company is now based.

The initial vision was simple: partner directly with boutiques through a digital platform dedicated only to luxury products. To that end, we designed an innovative import model that combined tech and luxury.

The buyers at our partner boutiques curate the products on italist, and all the items featured online are currently available in retail locations across Italy. This model allows customers to purchase goods at Italian retail price as if they'd flown to Italy and visited the stores in person.

After italist

Now, thanks to the success of our direct-to-consumer import model, customers can purchase brand-new, genuine, in-season fashion and luxury accessories from Italy’s finest retailers without leaving home.

Our platform gives customers access to more than 1,000 international brands and 200,000 luxury items across Italy.

And italist offers the best value—up to 30% less than market price—for the same authentic luxury goods you’ll find on other sites since the products are being imported directly from Italy.

After you purchase an item on italist, one of our partner boutiques in Italy receives your order and prepares the product for shipment. From there, italist takes care of everything else. Our team tracks the payment through our trusted billing service, handles the import/export process, and oversees the delivery from the Italian boutique to your doorstep.

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Due to our unique model and innovative approach, we recommend that you read our How to Shop section thoroughly before you make a purchase.

Remember, you’re importing luxury goods directly from Italy, so your returns are processed through Italian customs. This process requires additional shipping costs and customs duties, which is why we don’t offer free returns at this time. Please read our Returns Policy for more details.

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