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The ANNIEL SPORT story is the story of an Italian company that for twenty years has been manufacturing shoes for callisthenics and gymnastics. Anniel Sport It was in fact in 1976 that Anny and Luigino Zavarise accepted this great challenge: A winning challenge right from the very beginning thanks to the remarkable enthusiasm, the expertize acquired throughout the years and the far-sightedness in exploiting innovate ideas and strategies. Year after years, ANNIEL SPORT acquired the reputation of a company that is fully committed to satisfying the needs of a constantly developing market: increasingly successful results has been the reward. The success of a company is also measured in numbers: from the 25 square metres of the first manufacturing plant, ANNIEL SPORT passed to 250 in '82 and reached 2000 in '85. Beyond the individual results, the key to ANNIEL SPORT's success can be attributed to a distinctive style around which the company has developed. This style entails combining skilled workmanship with state-of-the-art tecnologies, entrepreneurial acumen with top quality products, indisputable excellence with distincive Italian creativity and design. The perfect combination of all these elements has enabled Anniel Sport to first become an Italian market leader, then to consolidate its position in Europe, and now to assert itself on the international market. From the mid 90's, Luigino and Anny's sons Demis, Daniele and Walter Zavarise, joined the company and brought the necessary modernization to launch ANNIEL SPORT towards the new millennium. Today ANNIEL SPORT can speak highly of 10 product lines with more than 2500 styles of shoes and clothing specialized in ballet, gymnastics, skating, fitness, ballroom dancing, swimwear and beachwear, après-ski and footwear for sports and fashion in general. The over 500 thousand pairs of shoes and 300 thousand items of clothing produced each year confirm that ANNIEL SPORT contributes in a decisive way to consolidating Made in Italy products on the global marketplace. ANNIEL SPORT is also backed by a successful corporate image that has developed concurrently with its products since 1976. An image that has been created by combining precise, direct messages to the specific target audience. The catalogues, window display tools and communication action at point of sale troughout the years, are an example of how cutting-edge concepts and power-packed ideas have made ANNIEL SPORT a highly visual brandname.
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