By Malene Birger Clothing for Women

Ms Birger continues in her new role at BY MALENE BIRGER as Art Directing Consultant, in charge of evolving her distinctive design universe and signature style. With the freedom to take the creativity to a higher level. She is supported by a strong Management Team consisting of CEO Lars Andresen, Brand/Marketing and Production Director Rupert Landendinger, International Franchise and Retail Di- rector Charlotte Egelund and a new International Wholesale Director Claes Hinding Frederiksen. Together they are committed to devel- oping not just as a creative company - but also as a creative business. While at the same time, facilitating the company's enormous, ongoing success worldwide. In just 8 years since its inception, the brand is available in 7 continents all around the world. With sales in 42 countries, representation by 19 agents and distributors, as well as a staff of over 80 professionals, BY MALENE BIRGER is undeniably a global brand in demand.
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