Saint Laurent Jackets Are Back

Can we get a grand round of applause please? The beloved fashion house, Saint Laurent, has officially brought back the 1980’s. Anthony Vaccarello’s debut show at Paris Fashion Week for their spring 2017 line had our jaws dropping to the floor with excitement. Notably, the massive interest towards the Saint Laurent Jackets.

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Saint Laurent Jackets Making Waves

We are not surprised that this line embraced the ‘80s considering he featured many elements of eighties fashion when he was designing for his personal line. It is not a stretch for him to have packed his vintage inspiration with him to the office at YSL, but we are so joyful that he did. Movies and books have left our generation with a feeling of jealousy when it comes to some past trends, but luckily we have fabulous designers who feel the same way we do, giving us a chance to embrace these old fashions. This line featured plunging necklines, ruffled sleeves, metallic and denim. The most fascinating part is that Vaccarello was able to not loose the sexy girl that Saint Laurent designs for. Many clothes designed in the 80’s had bright colors and gave us a sense of prissy-preppy girls. He incorporated a lot of leather and showed even more skin, which allowed the fashion house to embody the style that its target market girl is looking forward to each season. This line is composed of a variety of textiles, patterns, and silhouettes that completely encompass the 1980’s style that we all know and love. Rumor has it that 1970 was a thing of the past and fashion houses have moved on to the next decade. Everyone grab your favorite piece from Saint Laurent’s spring line, turn on Netflix to The Breakfast Club, and embrace your inner Madonna. The saint Laurent Jackets are back.


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