Once in every season, a striking piece of clothing or a pair of shoes or an accessory becomes an important element in street style that gets to live longer, if not forever, than the others. One of those group of everlasting fashion pieces is undoubtedly the Gucci Belt.


Time check: 8:45 AM and need to be in an important event by 9:30 but forgot to pick-up laundry yesterday? No problem. Throw in a white button down shirt, a pair of classic trousers or your favorite blue washed jeans tied in with a black leather Double G-buckle Gucci Belt. Still thinking about that straight cut dress but want it to look more sexy? Wrap the Dionysus GG Supreme Gucci Belt around your waist. 

Thankfully, there’s still plenty to look forward to. Here are some of the creative ways to wear a Gucci Belt:


With Checkered Blazers


An equally popular fashion staple that stayed in almost every season’s trends, pairing checkered blazers in any color with a Gucci belt would be unmissable





With An All-Gucci Look

We’ve already read articles and songs of praises here and there on the iconic Alessandro Michele– everything he touches turns to gold. His fascination with romanticism bonded with pure refinement will make every piece worth a go. And the cherry on top? The Gucci belt, naturalmente.






With The Classic White Button-Down and Jeans

An entirely, utterly, unmistakably perfect pairing. 




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