malone souliers italist luxury designer shoes made in italy

A Name to Know: Malone Souliers

Mary Alice Malone draws on her equestrian history to design functional, beautiful footwear.

john lobb luxury shoes at italist

A Name to Know: John Lobb

With both a traditional and modern offer, John Lobb is a 170-year old footwear secret.

new Bottega Veneta designs by Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee’s New Bottega Veneta

Lee has established a new identity for Bottega, bringing its designs into the moment and reinvigorating interest in the brand.

Greg Lauren menswear designs at italist

A Name to Know: Greg Lauren

He’s one of the most creative talents in American fashion today.

women’s giovanni bedin dresses gowns haute couture

A Name to Know: Giovanni Bedin

This former student of Karl Lagerfeld and Thierry Mugler is upending the world of haute couture with his inventive use of simple fabrics like cotton jersey.

A Max Mara coat collage of model images

Iconic Shape: the Max Mara Coat

Celebrities love it, and your grandmother might have one in her closet. So makes the Max Mara coat both timeless and an It style?