Become a Modern Cleopatra in Givenchy Fall 2016

Unveiled Sunday at Paris Fashion Week, the Givenchy Fall 2016 collection intricately mixes ancient Egyptian motifs, Tibetan mandalas and the psychedelic 1970’s, marking a new era for the fashion house.

The Paris-based Italian Creative Director, Ricardo Tisci, has been living outside of the box since his teenage years. As an adolescent goth, he wore long hair and a full face of makeup, at the mere age of 29 he began his career with Givenchy and now today, his collections season after season live up to the same outspoken and surprising tongue.

While fur and animal prints find their place, it’s the kaleidoscopic prints and metallics that dominate. The collection is colorful, yet still true to the brand’s gothic tone, and seductively regal. This fall 2016 season, Tisci’s Givenchy woman is strong, powerful and confident in her sensuality.

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Givenchy Fall 2016 features beautifully tailored officer coats, blouson sleeve dresses, bomber jackets with shimmery trims, and metallic details reminiscent of the ostrich plumes adorned on ancient Egyptian goddess, Ma’at, who personifies truth, order and cosmic balance. Other mythological icons and the Eye of Horus are printed on flirty dresses and long coats – all noding to Tisci’s bow to ancient Egyptian art, culture and belief system. Also noticeable are the 1070’s inspired knee length chunky boots reimagined in python and stripes. 

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This one is about exploring things I love which is print, sensuality and Egyptian culture, says Tisci backstage. Egypt for me is the beginning for everything. I’m also obsessed with psychedelic club music and some of their references were often Egyptian, so I made my own trip in my head.”

Givenchy Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Show at Paris Fashion Week

Watch the pieces dance down the runway as you listen to Ricardo Tisci, Natalia Vodiana, Lea T. and Mert Alas as they comment on the show.

Givenchy new arrivals are always available on Italist.


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