The Givenchy Pandora Handbag collection stands the test of time

Founded more than sixty years ago, the French luxury label has always been amongst the top fashion houses in the industry. Known for their timeless handbags, any one of their pieces are an investment that will always keep your look current – namely the Givenchy Pandora Handbag collection.

Its been said that the Pandora collection takes its name after the first human woman from Greek mythology. According to the myth, Pandora was offered a jar that held within numerous evils and pains. One day out of curiosity, she opened the lid releasing all evils into the world. Shocked by what happened, she quickly put the lid back, managing to trap hope inside.

Certainly, the Givenchy Pandora handbag collection is one that you cannot resist taking the lid off from. The fashion set and celebrities alike have taken a fondness to the Givenchy Pandora range too since it launched in Fall/Winter 2009.

With a wide range of eye catching styles, the Givenchy Pandora handbag collection most absolutely offers something for everyone. Let’s explore the entire Givenchy Pandora Handbag collection and find out which Pandora is most lustworthy to you.

shop heron preston on italistThe Givenchy Pandora Handbag: shoulder and cross-body

Givenchy Pandora Handbag, Givenchy Pandora Purse, Givenchy purse

Offered in winked wash, smooth leather and even exotic materials as snakeskin and python, the Givenchy Pandora handbag is both a shoulder and cross-body and large enough for everyday use. When fully stuffed, the bag resembles a box which is the inspiration behind it’s design.

The most unique bit about it though is that its shape morphs according to how one carries it.

The Givenchy Pandora Mini

Hailed as the “lust item of the season” by Selfridges department store, the Mini Pandora is designed with practicality in mind. It’s the low-key chic cross body option for everyday wear.

The Givenchy Pandora Box

Givenchy Pandora Handbag

In 2013, Ricardo Tisci created the Pandora Box which reminds us of old world hollywood with it’s rigid edges. Its smaller silhouette and sophisticated zipper details allows this bag to easily transition from day to night.

Very similarly to it is the Pandora Box Chain where the leather cross body strap of the Pandora Box is replaced with a chain strap. The chain instantly gives this version a more glamorous style. You can also tuck away the chain to carry as an evening clutch.

Givenchy Pandora Handbag

The Givenchy Pandora Pure

Givenchy Pandora Handbag Pure

This style combines aspects of all the other Givenchy Pandora handbags. Just like the original, the Pure features a single top handle and a beautiful thick shoulder strap. Like the Pandora Box, the Pure features the signature Givenchy chunky zipper and also borrows the structured silhouette.

As you can see, there is a style for everyone. Which style is your favorite? Shop Givenchy on at 30% less than any online or physical retailer.

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