Today, I’d like to talk you about one of my favorite brands GGDB. GOLDEN GOOSE DE LUXE BRAND is an adventure created in 2000 by two amazing people Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, a young Venetian couple, outsider within the fashion industrie.

Alessandro was studying architecture at that time, and he was a living by renting apartments to the Venetian tourists, while Francesca was working for the family’s notorious Mandrillo of Mestre.

The idea of the brand took place during a trip to Paris, where they fell in love with the wonderful vintage markets.

Golden Goose zebrate

They soon wanted to create their own products, original and far from the standard brands that market had to offer. They wanted a brand that reflected their personality, something out of fashion. Something Iconic. Timeless.

Some of you may alredy know them for their famous sneakers that have became a true must-have over the past years. What i really want to tell you is the adventure of Golden Goose and how it became such a fantastic and well-known brand.
golden goose superstar

Since the beginning the couple decided to go for the self-handling, starting just with a few items and taking a lot of time in order to learn and best the rules of the fashion system.

In 2001 they came out with thir first item, a jeans skirt made out of an old Levi’s, personalized with a smart printing made of a number glued on the tissue.

The second was a skirt embellished with stones. Both had a great success and were SOLD OUT very soon.

In 2003 Golden Goose present the “Golden Boots” a remake of the texan boots but with an aged leather effect. They absolutely conquer the american markets which will place them officially on the heights of american fashion.

Starting from 2006 they begin working for a new collection of  accessories, including bags and shoes. In 2007 they launch a new hand made sneaker that received immediately a huge success. By 2009 they also start to produce a new range of shoes for chidren.


The venetian couple was very bright in choosing a selective distibution for their products and above, all very exclusive. They worked with the best italian boutiques in order to promote their samples, becoming so well know among the multi brand bouitques.

Soon they arrived on the shelves of Eclaieur in Paris, Browns in London and Aloha Rag in New York. This faboulose introduction in all the big stores, provided a huge publicity and fame, and soon the sells were more than positive.

Golden Goose is an high quality brand. Tradition and research are the keys of this secret.

Golden goose sneakers

The result was a fashion line unique and elegant because at the same time they were extremely comfortable. Each piece of the collection has a story to tell, that of the vintage markets they used to visit, and also reminds of their venetian childhood and the cities’ history.


This collection is about a “made in Italy” product of high quality, taken care of down to the finest detail, including packaging. What was fundamental for their brand was their ability to choose the best treatments and washes that gave the vintage effect to the leather, jeans and all the accessorizes.

All the dirtying and the strains were carefully chosen. For example the sneakers were particularly recognizable by the leather star, cropped leather sewed on the side of the shoe, and also by the dirtying effect on the shoe upper and on the laces.

golden goose packagingGolden Goose’s lifestyle is an international and cosmopolitan one. It’s range of products has the quality of high fashion industrie but breaks out the scheme by giving them an allure for an every day fashion-look.

A trendy product that became also an Icon over the time. GG is easily wearable but with a capacity to give a unique footprint, exclusive and refined for each item.


Today i would like to share with you today a total Golden Goose look and suggest you to visit the shop on line Italist, on my opinion one of the best platforms for on-line shopping in the world, where you can find so many refined new brands.

I start with a pair of jeans rigorously with a vintage effect. I choose the Karly Jeans model that you find in this link.

golden goose jeans frontgolden goose jeans back

As for the Golden Goose sneakers you should try brighting colors with innovative materials. The first that came out were made in 2007, with a concern on relaunching a new Converse model.

The GGDB high model has a leather star applied on the side and are very accurately dirtied in order to give a specific second-hand effect. The perfect model that I recommend is Francy.

golden goose sneakers red frontgolden goose sneakers red side

I choose the Francy Golden Goose Hi-top sneakers that you can find in this link. In red color, high model with a metallic effect, the star is on contrast and the logo on the external side of the shoe, with a lace false-effect, internal side zip and a white dirty effect sole.

As for the the remaining outfit I choose for a simple white neoprene hoodie with an invisible zip on the back – Golden Goose neoprene model Sweater.
golden goose sweatshirt

golden goose sweatshirt back

At last the leather jacket Golden Goose (impossible not to fall in love with), vintage and with the already used smell. My favorite is the biker model Jacket with asymmetrical zip and long sleeve.

golden goose jacket

To complete the final look all you need is the Golden Goose bag in red leather, handle bag, with zip closure, two interior open pockets in size 40x33x20.



The Golden Goose brand, intentionally never choose for a publicity campaign. They believe that only wearing the cloths you understand the high quality of the brand – Just like Noel Gallagher in it’s video “Everybody’s on the run.

In the video you can find all the basic elements that distinguish the brand itself: the love for America, particularly California where you see the skate, the vintage, the decontractè style, that is also refined and cool in every moment.

The Golden Goose Sneaker plays a main role in the video, as it represents the object of desire in the story – A currier delivers a package to a californian boy, who impatiently unwraps the package in order to wear the so beloved sneakers.


As he pays no attention to the surroundings , a skater steals the sneakers from his hands and so begins a real chase where the actor is wearing nothing but the Golden Goose boxers. At the same time a girl comes out from a car but her dress gets folded and as the car goes away and straps her dress she also begins chasing the car in nothing but a Golden Goose underwear.

The girl is played by actress Mischa Barton. The video ends with the two who finally bump into each other.

About the author Benedetta Rossi

Benedetta Rossi Fashion BloggerBenedetta Rossi in an Italian model based in Bologna who worked for brands such as Gucci, La Perla, Jean Paul Gaultier and Roberto Cavalli.

Forever in love with fashion and design, she is now also a fashion blogger (Italian language), to share all her ideas and passions.

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