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Be a powerful italist shopper with the myitalist feature

italist is a great place to find a great deal, browse the latest in luxury, and receive your selections in 4 business days or less. But with 350,000+ items from 2,500+ brands, perusing italist can be time-consuming.

We want you to have the best shopping experience, so we created the myitalist feature

myitalist on desktop

myitalist on mobile

With it, you can save any search or filtered view in your italist account. From that point forward, any time new arrivals match your search or filter criteria, you’ll receive an alert via email!

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Here’s a helpful guide for navigating myitalist and finding exactly what you want more quickly.

Use My italist to save your searches, only browse what you like

Once you have used filters and sorting to see all of your preferred brands, categories, sizes, etc., you can save your search in myitalist, as long as you are logged in.

myitalist example mens blazers

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Some examples of saved searches in myitalist might be:

From that point forward, any time new items are added to the site that match your search and filter criteria, you’ll receive an alert via email.

myitalist kids dresses example

And, next time you visit the site and are logged in, your saved search will appear in your myitalist and you can go directly to your personalized view, make adjustments, or remove saved searches.

You can add as many saved searches to your myitalist as you want!

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