We can’t answer is Cettire legit or is Cettire authentic, but we know that Cettire was founded in 2017 and it’s based in Australia.

italist is legit and has been since 2014, operating from offices in Los Angeles and with extensive documentation of its legitimacy, including a 50-point partner checklist and good standing with the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles.

italist has been in business longer than Cettire; we’re rooted in deep relationships with the best independent Italian luxury boutiques and have many Italian team members.

Additionally, italist offers free shipping on every order, a broad catalog of over 1,500 brands, a strong social media following, and two-way communication with all our shoppers, even when there’s a problem.

shop heron preston on italistIs Cettire legit and is Cettire authentic? We cannot say, but here is a quick comparison of italist vs. Cettire:

italist vs. Cettire

italist Cettire
Founded 2014 2017
Based In U.S.A. 🇺🇸 Australia 🇦🇺
Free Shipping Always Above $250
Over 1,500 Brands
Online Magazine
Large Instagram Following 276,000 followers
Rating on Sitejabber.com 4.5 1.8


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Cettire Reviews

Our shoppers have mentioned their experiences using Cettire several times in reviews of italist. Here are some of their experiences:

cettire vs italist review

italist vs cettire review

Is Cettire Legit?

You might notice that the site experience, product assortment, and some product photography is familiar between italist and Cettire.

However, there are a few key differences to keep in mind regarding italist and Cettire when shopping for luxury goods and fashion direct from Italy:

  • italist was founded in 2014; Cettire was founded in 2017 and has used italist as a template for much of its own website, web copy, and color schemes
  • Express worldwide shipping is free on every order at italist; Cettire offers free shipping on orders above $250
  • italist stocks over 1,500 labels; Cettire stocks around 500
  • italist carries exclusive and hard-to-find labels like Celine and Larusmiani
  • italist product pages provide useful background about the designer or brand of the item
  • italist publishes articles each week which provide useful information and history about the most popular brands, as well as Q&As directly with brands and designers
  • italist works with the top fashion publications to deliver interesting and insightful shopping recommendations and trend forecasting (e.g. Marie Claire, Who What Wear, and The Zoe Report)
  • italist has broad social media following on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter
  • italist has significant roots in the italian fashion ecosystem and many of our team members are Italian; Cettire is based in Australia

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