Why the MSGM Gingham Ruffle Blouse is the Girly Flannel

So we all know that flannels are back, boys are wearing them … girls are wearing them, but they aren’t everyone’s style. If you are a girl who would like to wear a flannel, but you are more chic than that … I’d suggest the MSGM Gingham Ruffle Blouse.

shop heron preston on italistThis Blouse embodies the patterns seen on flannels while also adding style. The silhouette of this Blouse is flattering and sexy. Just don’t wear it on a picnic where the blanket is Gingham, because no one wants to match the fabric they are sitting on. Otherwise, this top is perfect for the up coming summer days and nights. We see this top while we are shopping, dating the local bachelors, or at an outdoor concert!



MSGM Gingham Ruffle Blouse

This Blouse is perfect for many fun activities, because the pattern makes it casual while the cut gives it style. This way you do not look lazy like you just threw on the flannel you wear to pant your house…you threw on an effortlessly chic blouse while also being dressed for the occasion. Tops like these are the tops that are timeless and we never regret buying. I mean, Gingham has lasted the passed two years and it’s not going anywhere so there’s no need to fear that the pattern is dated in a negative way. So if you are the girl who isn’t quite ready to put on a flannel but is looking for a quality top to toss on for any occasion this is the top for you.


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shop heron preston on italist

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