Summer is still upon us, and luxury swimwear is in-season

Despite everything that’s happened in the world of late, a semblance of normalcy is what most of us are craving. In the Northern hemisphere, that means an upcoming summer of fun and sun, only with a bit more caution and care around social distancing and gathering around the pool or at the beach.

In any case, warmer temps mean more opportunities for soaking up some Vitamin D, so we’ve rounded up our best luxury swimwear for women, men, and kids—from the top designer names.

Women’s Luxury Swimwear

womens luxury swimwear designer fendi balmain burberry
Fendi (left two), Balmain, and Burberry (right)

Our favorite one-piece swimsuits are boldly patterned and have a distinctly retro vibe this season, from Fendi, Balmain, and Burberry. All are made in Italy and will look at home by the pool in Dallas or on deck of the boat in Capri.

oseree womens luxury swimwear designer italian italy

We’re also loving newcomer Italian brand Oseree, which was launched in 2015 by two women co-founders: Isabella and Jannine. A nod to the French word “ose” or “to dare,” Oseree is a tribute to female empowerment, the feminine figure, and classic Italian craftsmanship.

The label makes womens luxury swimwear in a range of shapes and cuts, including one-pieces and bikinis, with unique embellishments like fringe, crystal, and lace.

shop heron preston on italistLuxury Swimwear for the Whole Family

dolce gabbana luxury swimwear family men women kids
From left: Dolce & Gabbana womens, girls, mens, and boys swimsuits

Summer fun is often family fun, and what’s more picture-perfect than matching swimsuits for the whole crew? Dolce & Gabbana does it best in bold floral prints for mom and daughter and sleek black and white for dad and son (above).

versace luxury swimwear womens mens designer
Versace swimwear for women and men

Versace is another classic choice, especially in shades of black and yellow, or with the iconic Greek key motif.

Should you desire something a bit more trendy, consider Off-White‘s unique take on luxury swimwear for women and men: modern symbolism and motifs, Instagram-ready colors.

off-white luxury swimwear men women designer

Kids Swimwear

kids luxury swimwear chloé gucci givenchy kenzo
Kids swimwear, from left: Chloé and Gucci for girls, Givenchy and Kenzo for boys

Are these not the cutest!?

For the little ones in your life, reach for names you know that are also making fun and playful kids swimwear in bright, cheerful summer colors. For girls, we like Chloé’s ombre sunset one-piece and this floral, garden party, tennis club look from Gucci (both left side above).

For boys, a bold red and black board short from Givenchy will stand out in the crowd. Or maybe he likes more personality in his swimsuit, in which case we suggest this one from Kenzo, printed with a fiery dragon! Both are picturedon the right side heron preston on italist

However you approach the upcoming summer season, do it stylishly and thoughtfully, and as always, stay safe.

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