Parisian style may be the timeless and ultimate goal for many fashion lovers

…right behind Italian style, of course. Oh là là, the most important thing to Parisian style is the attitude.

Parisian women are laid back and their confidence shines through without having to wear loud colors or crazy accessories.

The main takeaways after attitude: stick to neutrals, embrace flats, and when all else fails, channel your inner Caroline De Maigret. Part of the appeal of Parisian style is that it looks so effortless.

shop heron preston on italistParisian Style Tip #1: Less is More

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When it comes to Parisian dressing, the simpler the better. Focus on interesting shapes and textures (preferably in muted colors) and you’ll be fine. Keep accessories to a minimum and don’t overload your ensemble with too many pieces. When shopping, attention should be spent on quality over quantity. Parisians invest smarter in fashion.

Parisian Style Tip #2: Stick to Neutrals

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You’ll notice that a lot of French woman dress in classic colors – black, white, grey. Stick to hushed tones and color palettes. Try solids or experiment with black and white Breton stripes. Modern iterations keep the trend fresh, especially when it’s paired with unexpected pieces like wide-leg pants.

Tip #3: Relaxed Silhouettes

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French women obsess over cut. Clothing that’s too form-fitting or structured has no place in the French woman’s wardrobe. Give your style a carefree touch by sticking to relaxed yet tailored fits without looking too baggy.

Parisian Style Tip #4: Drape Your Outerwear

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We’ve seen this simple styling tip on our favorite bloggers—all it takes it a quick drape over your shoulders to create an instantly sophisticated look anyone can master. Try it with a blazer, trench, or even a cardigan.

Tip #5: Flats

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Rarely will you catch a Parisian woman strutting in 6-inch heels on the daily (unless it’s fashion week). How else would they survive running around those cobblestone streets? Stick to flats, boots and chunky bock heels.

Parisian Style Tip #6: Oversized Sunglasses

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Details matter. Parisian women focus on the finer details and as a result the whole ensemble appears seamless and effortlessly sophisticated.

The next time you’re in Paris, leave your miniskirts and heels at home. Pack simple and chic basics, and you’ll fit in with the stylish Parisian locals in no time.

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