Stella McCartney’s Ankle Glazer Star Jeans

We are obsessed with Stella McCartney’s Ankle Glazer Star jeans. Owning a funky pair of denim jeans is a necessity these days. All of the major cities such as: London, Paris, Seoul, and New York have seen more and more denim on the runway and in the streets. Being original by adding a personal touch to your jeans and jackets is trending worldwide, but with Stella McCartney’s help these jeans make it easy to give your outfit a personal touch. With trends like the patches and embellishments we have seen on denim jackets, we are seeing the most iconic trendsetters and designers painting their denim. Personalization is key to maintaining a stylish wardrobe and that is why we believe these jeans are a great purchase.


McCartney’s Ankle Glazer Star Jeans scream comfort plus style

They are also a fabulous mixture between the popular boyfriend jean and a casual cuffed boot cut jean, which screams comfort plus style. These are great to pair with tennis shoes or loafers for a day of shopping, but they can also be dressed up by slipping into a heeled sandal. Just in time for spring, Stella McCartney designed a few color variations of these bold jeans and we adore every one. Having a pair of great quality jeans ensures durability and we know that Stella McCartney’s Ankle Glazer Star will not let you down. Allow yourself to shine bright like a star, improve your bold wardrobe, and check these jeans out here.

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