Tricky Trend – How to Wear Fringe

It is a known fact among anglers that fish adore bright or dangling items, which is why fishing lures are made to look like they’re ready for an underwater rave.  It is also why fashion houses are so keen on adding sequins or fringe (or even sequins on fringe) to their garments—because they know that women are also attracted to shiny, dangling items. 

Fringe is adorable, it’s fun, it’s flirty.  Who doesn’t love fringe?  The problem is not too much fringe (because there can never be too much fringe).  No, the problem is wearing fringe and not looking like you’re a cast member of a summer stock production of Hair.

Wearing Fringe—Less is More

Coco Chanel allegedly once said, “Before you leave the house for the day, look in the mirror and then take one thing off.”  Much like with accessories, fringe should be worn in moderation.  While it was probably the height of style at back when Wyatt Earp played Marshall or when Hendrix wailed out Purple Haze at the Monterey Pop Festival, today the use of fringe is slightly more subdued. 

You can’t leave the house with a fringe jacket, fringe purse, fringe shorts, and fringe boots without looking like Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella.  Less is more, so think about paring down a bit before walking out the door.

Music Festival Bohemian



Going to a music festival is the perfect time to drag out that large fringe bag of yours.  It’s the best accessory for a breezy mini-dress and sturdy boots. Trust us, toe protection is key when you’re in the middle of the concert crush. Please add long hair, headband, and either aviators or round frame sunglasses. 

Thanks, The Management.


Country-Western Glam



We may be based in Italy, but we’re not immune to the Country-Western charm of an over-the-top fringed ensemble.  If you’re Jewel or Carrie Underwood you may even get away with adding a pair of fringe booties to the collection, but you have to pull off some serious award show style to do this.  Think big Dolly Parton “country hair” and nails if you’re trying to bring the house down with a country fringe styling.  Go hard or go home, as they say.


Great Gatsby Daisy Fay Buchanan Realness


Those of us rocking  shorter haircut shave great difficulty holding back on the fringe (or false eyelash) throttle when the names Daisy Fay Buchanan or Edie Sedgwick are bandied about as style inspiration.  Please, remain calm and in your seats. 

Understand that just because you wear a cute fringe gown doesn’t mean you also need the feathered headband and cigarette holder.   Think modern bon vivant rather than Roaring Twenties Costume Reject. Go ahead and pair that fringe dress with a low-heeled boot for a little downtown cool. And go sparingly on the accessories because your dress is loaded with more than enough action to go around.

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