Who is Heron Preston, what does Heron Preston logo mean, and how does Heron Preston apparel fit?

If you’re a millennial, you’ve probably heard of Heron Preston—the artist, DJ, Instagram content creator, designer, and cultural icon who co-founded streetwear brand Been Trill alongside Off-White’s Virgil Abloh, collaborated with Kanye West, and launched his namesake streetwear label in 2017.

In case you haven’t—read on to find out who Heron Preston is, and why he’s a big deal!

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Who is Heron Preston?

Heron Preston Johnson (age 38) was born in 1983 in San Francisco, and graduated from New York City’s Parsons School of Design. His career started when his blog, where he shared personal reflections and photos of street kids, was noticed by Al Moran, founder of the Morán Morán art gallery (then known as OHWOW), and offered a publishing deal.

Soon after that, Preston connected with Virgil Abloh, and started working as marketing specialist and social media director for Nike. In 2012, alongside Abloh, Matthew Williams, Justin Saunders, Florencia Galarza, and YWP, Preston co-founded men’s streetwear brand Been Trill, which quickly gained popularity through social media. Around the same time, Preston also worked as art director and consultant for Kanye West.

who is heron preston

In 2016, Preston collaborated with the New York City Sanitation Department (DSNY) to create UNIFORM, a collection of zero-waste clothing and accessories, made entirely from upcycled sanitation worker uniforms. In 2017, Abloh introduced Preston to New Guards Group, the Italian production and distribution company backing Off-White. In partnership with them, Preston launched his namesake label, debuting at Paris Fashion Week 2017.

A man of many talents, Preston also collaborated with NASA celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2018, runs the e-commerce platform HPC Trading Co, worked as a DJ at several events and festivals, and published a photography zine called Honorable Profession, featuring crime scene photos taken by his father while working as a police officer in San Francisco between the 1980s and 90s.

What does the Heron Preston Стиль logo mean?

You might have noticed that many Heron Preston pieces feature the Cyrillic writing Стиль, and wondered what does Heron Preston logo mean.

what does heron preston logo mean

Стиль is Russian for “style”, and is Heron Preston’s secondary logo.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Preston explains:

“My partners, New Guards Group […] said, “Yo, for your brand, you should launch in Russia because no one is doing that. You have this Russian logo so we should kick off in Moscow and go on a retail tour.” I loved it. […] I was just into the idea of being different from a typical launch and it just made sense. And it’s just interesting to get out there and share culture.”

Other trademarks of the brand include the iconic orange patch and the heron bird.

what does heron preston logo mean

Heron Preston sizing

So, how does Heron Preston apparel fit?

Here’s everything you need to know about the label’s sizing.

  • Heron Preston clothing is available in sizes XXXS to 7XL.
  • T-shirts and shirts are designed to have a relaxed, oversized fit (just like Off-White!). If you prefer a tighter fit, we recommend going one size down. And, of course, you can always size up if you like your T-shirts extra baggy. 
  • For hoodies and sweatshirts, the same is true as above. We personally think the baggy fit is part of the appeal of Heron Preston clothing, but you might prefer tighter fitting clothes. In that case, feel free to size down.
  • Pants fit true to size. Again, some models are designed to have a relaxed fit, but this time we advise against sizing down as they might be too tight at the waistband.
  • Outerwear fits true to size.

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Is Heron Preston sustainable?

By collaborating with DSNY to create a zero-waste clothing and accessories collection, the designer has proved to deeply care about sustainability. But how sustainable is his main collection?

While Preston himself admits in an interview to Office Magazine that he isn’t “100% sustainable”, he is actively making an effort to produce clothing that has “minimal impact on the environment while also increasing eco-consciousness among the supporters of [his] brand”.

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The designer is currently looking at sourcing eco-friendly materials such as sustainable nylon and organic cotton. Furthermore, his pieces are made to last—they’re crafted in Italy by skilled artisans using only the finest materials. By offering high-quality clothing, he is hoping to reduce the environmental impact of his brand.

Where is Heron Preston on sale?

The label only has one flagship store, in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay.

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how do heron preston shirts fit

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