Though trending outfits come and go, staple clothing will always be in style

It’s a fine line to walk, balancing of-the-moment trendiness with items that won’t feel stale (or literally wear out) after a season or two.

An example of a trend that has staying power: Daniel Lee’s complete rebrand and refresh of Bottega Veneta, which kicked off in 2019 and continues today. New icons like The Pouch bag and various square-toe sandals feel very “the new standard.,” while also being very fresh and exciting.

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Since 2019, several trends have shown staying power, including “skate” style sneakers. They are characterized by a thick, flat rubber sole and a canvas or leather upper in low-, mid-, or high-top formats.

golden goose, drkshdw, and alexander mcqueen skate sneakers timeless style

golden goose, drkshdw, and alexander mcqueen skate sneakers timeless style

Golden Goose is the classic choice, though the pre-distressed sneakers look isn’t for everyone. But, the upside with a pair of handmade Italian sneakers is that they’ll last, and the Golden Goose look doesn’t change drastically season-to-season. There are seasonal colors and motifs, but the iconic Superstar shape has been around for a while.

DRKSHDW’s Converse-esque sneakers have also proven timeless, and they’re quite the opposite of pre-distressed. With such a minimal design, they allow for multiple ways to style them and also don’t change drastically over time.

shop heron preston on italistStaple clothing styles that are making a hard comeback

versace zimmermann colorful prints staple clothing

2021 fashion trends have been greatly inspired by the past. Prada’s iconic nylon is popular again. Versace’s bold prints are big again (pictured above), thanks to celebs like Jennifer Lopez. Dolce & Gabbana and Zimmermann are also not afraid of an eye-catching print.

And logomania—often associated with the 1980s—may be giving way to more minimal, simplistic and lightly-branded designs inspired by the 1990s. We wrote about “stealth wealth” this time last year.

designer runway timeless look blazer jacket

designer runway timeless look blazer jacket staple clothing

We love staple clothing like a blazer-jacket, which always feels current, and regardless of colors or prints, can easily be paired with other trendier staples, like leggings, skinny or slouchy jeans, and baggy outfits.

Balmain’s six-button, double-breasted blazer gets refreshed every season, but black is classic. This season, Dolce & Gabbana’s brightly-colored, patchwork blazer is a fine investment choice.

Curious about more staple clothing? Check out our capsule wardrobe guide.

Wardrobe staples you may be missing out on

Though Bottega Veneta has been quite trendy, its intrecciato (woven leather in Italian) bags are also a classic style (below).

bottega veneta intrecciato leather bags

New iterations have expanded the definition of the house’s iconic motif, but the basic underpinnings remain the same, and the label is one of the few that makes do without heavy branding or logos—a welcome change from some brands that only seem to design around their logo rather than independent of it.

We’re also leaning into the black-and-white trend, which is perhaps the epitome of a timeless look.

No matter what you’re wearing, in black or in white, it will probably look classy. When in doubt, go with these two neutrals (or pair them together) for a sober but sexy vibe.

Prada is a master of black-and-white, as are labels like Givenchy and Saint Laurent. Filling up your closet with staple clothing from labels like these means you’ll never look dated.

black and white timeless style staple clothing


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