Emanuela Caruso elevates the art of summer sandals and is one of our names to know

This year, summertime is taking a bit of a different form, with much less far-away travel and a lot more cautious adventuring. Nevertheless, we must treat ourselves however we can, and a new pair of sparkly summer sandals is on our staycation wishlists.

Luckily, Emanuela Caruso designs just the sort of sandals we have in mind. Based in Capri, the popular resort island off the coast of Naples, Caruso’s creations are modern works of footwear art, crafted from among the loveliest materials and with great attention for accentuating the female foot.

We reached the designer (virtually) for some insight into her inspiration and why she chose to focus on sandals…

Q: Tell us a bit about your background. What brought you to work in the luxury footwear and accessories space?

A: I’ve always had a passion for fashion. I’ve was a model for many years, and I’ve always frequented Capri since I was a child. The inspiration came from my grandmother’s jewelry. I was in love with all those precious stones. From there, the flash of genius was “why not embellish women’s feet with precious jewels?”

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emanuela caruso italist luxury sandals made in italy capri

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of Capri style? What’s the stylistic essence of Emanuela Caruso?


The philosophy behind the Emanuela Caruso brand is linked to the concepts of quality, exclusivity and research of detail. All the materials used in the creation of the collections—such as leather and natural leathers—are strictly made in Italy and are treated by the skilled hands of local artisans.

Q: What makes Emanuela Caruso sandals special? Are there any details or techniques that are unique to the brand?

A: Past and future, respect for tradition and innovation are the key elements at the base of our brand’s creativity. From this union, retro-inspired accessories come to life enclosed in an absolutely contemporary, glamorous and very feminine mood, enhanced by extraordinary decorations.

The dedication to every single detail makes our products unique.

emanuela caruso italist luxury sandals made in italy capri

Q: You use a lot of metallic leather, jewels, and embellishments. What inspires you to create your sparkly, colorful creations?

A: The jewel sandals is our must-have, our flagship…but it’s also a product so transversely configurable, that over the years it has developed into myriad variations made of laminated leather, chamois, raffia, python and other materials. The inspiration is always the fashion that I absorb every day, including fashion shows, photos, catwalks and the beautiful world of trends that surrounds me.

Q: What’s the importance of ‘made in Italy’? What’s the importance of preserving hand-made production of fashion goods and accessories?

A: In a world that offers everything at any price, distinguishing the artisan quality of made in Italy is an essential means of differentiation in such a varied market. Fortunately, “Italy” is still seen as a truly superior symbol of quality in the fashion sector.

emanuela caruso italist luxury sandals made in italy capri

Q: Though your aesthetic is rooted in the tropical, resort-wear aesthetic, do you see any opportunities to expand into other categories or into winter pieces?

A: Our product is not confined to resorts, on the contrary. We are present in hundreds of boutiques around the world, located between metropolises, small cities, islands and more. We have always welcomed new ideas aimed at renewal, and for years we have also been present with small winter capsules.

Q: What is your personal style philosophy? Are there any principles you live by?

A: Sobriety is synonymous with elegance. I hate the tacky and anything that goes beyond good taste. So even with the more “extreme” sandals I make, I always maintain an elegance that keeps me from flowing into the “overly exaggerated.”

Q: What do you wear away from the beach and the water? What are your favorite everyday brands or designers?

A: In my field, I love Giuseppe Zanotti‘s creations. As brands in general, I’m on the safe side. I prefer classics like Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Chanel :)

Q: Are there any emerging brands or designers that you particularly like or plan to watch?

A: There are niche designers that I follow, but I keep them for myself. I don’t want to displease anyone :)))

Q: As an insider, what are your favorite spots in Capri to eat, take aperitivo, and shop? Favorite bars? Are there any places you would suggest our readers not miss if they visit?

A: In Capri you cannot fail to eat at the Camerelle and Paolino, shopping in all the lovely shops, from Chanel to Dsquared2, from Gucci to Dolce and Gabbana, from Hermès to La Campanina (top timepieces). Aperitif at the Capri rooftop and visits to the Blue Cave or to the nearby Anacapri.

Rome is all to see, because it is a magical city!

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