A Name to Know: Lo Spazio Jewelry

True luxury leads with superior materials and a unique vision—enter Lo Spazio Jewelry

The founder of Lo Spazio was inspired by a single question: What is truly luxurious?

Isn’t that which is truly luxurious also, ultimately, truly unique? One of a kind, made with the world’s best natural materials, as rare as they are beautiful? Diego Abba may have an idea. He’s also the CEO of italist and a lifelong devotee to the world’s finer things.

“In my opinion luxury is the unconditional search for quality in the idea, in the material, in each and every small detail as well as in the overall design; furthermore the finished product should represent joy and harmony not ostentation.”

With a thorough reimagination of the concept of luxury, Abba founded Lo Spazio Jewelry in 2005 as a bespoke-only fine jewelry line dedicated to the beauty, simplicity, and rarity of precious metals and gemstones.

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lo spazio fine jewelry bespoke precious semiprecious

The best materials in the world

Among the necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings in the Lo Spazio Jewelry collection, you will only find 18-karat white gold, yellow gold, and platinum metal vessels for real focus of the brand’s creations: the truly wondrous phenomena of our natural world: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other precious gemstones that look too perfect to have come from the earth’s rocky crust.

If sparkle is your preference, any one of the faceted gemstones in kaleidoscopic colors like green (peridot), deep purple (garnet), and pink (topaz), found in the Autunno and Estate bracelets and Inverno and Primavera necklaces, will glisten in the night light alongside set off by bright rhodium-treated settings. They’re pictured above.

Tropical flair comes in the form of the Mare di Stelle and Mare Rosso rings, both of which feature a Mediterranean red cabochon coral from Italy and are pictured below.

lo spazio jewelry necklaces bespoke fine coral diamond
lo spazio fine jewelry bespoke semiprecious precious cabochon cocktail ring tourmaline

Other pieces draw inspiration from the interstellar, like the cabochon-cut Eden Rock tourmaline earrings and matching cocktail ring, which are full of cosmic inner patterns and crystalline structures (above).

Many Lo Spazio Jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind because the stones they feature are likewise one-of-a-kind. Abba “would rather make nothing than work with substandard quality just for the sake of repeating a good design.” The Luna di Stelle necklace is one such example—its Tahiatian round grey pearl is of rare heft and precise circularity.

The brand’s first piece was a ring with an oval five-carat blue Ceylon sapphire and 31 round brilliant cut diamonds set on a thick platinum band, made as an anniversary gift.

Timeless, Inspired Design

Every Lo Spazio Jewelry piece starts with design inspiration from the exotic beauty and fantastic forces of nature, contemporary art forms, and visceral emotions derived from the founder’s travels around the world, Asia in particular, throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

lo spazio fine jewelry bespoke semiprecious precious gold bangle bracelet

When a piece is under development, both the metal and the stones are chosen with special attention to color, size, shape, and overall aesthetic compatibility. 

Each piece is then designed using a 3D Cad Cam software where it comes to life digitally and can be fine-tuned for any unique request, before being cast and developed for its final productions, which is done by hand in Los Angeles.

Today, the line combines a no-compromise approach to materials, modern design innovation, and traditional craftsmanship of the fine jewelry maisons of Italy and France with the practicality of everyday wear in casual luxury locales like California and New York. This is apparent in daily staple pieces like the gemstone bangles above—aquamarine and yellow beryl for women, black diamond for men—and the sapphire and diamond necklaces (below).

lo spazio jewelry necklaces bespoke fine

True Luxury + Modern Innovation

For the last fifteen years, Lo Spazio Jewelry pieces were only available by request, in close collaboration with the line’s designer over the course of a thoughtful creation and refinement process. Only now, thanks to Abba’s relationship to italist, as CEO and cofounder, and a desire to blend the tradition of bespoke with the innovation of digital commerce, a curated selection of “pre-made” pieces are available online.

Lo Spazio’s contemporary yet timeless creations combine heirloom quality of old-world artisans, broad customization possibilities, and everyday wearability all within a bespoke, one-of-a-kind piece.

In our modern retail landscape, dominated by ‘luxury for the masses,’ it’s rare to encounter a design house like Lo Spazio Jewelry that takes a slow, methodical approach to personal luxury and ensures a meticulous attention to every detail, from design to delivery.

Discover the full collection for women and men.

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lo spazio fine jewelry bespoke semiprecious precious gold platinum ring gemstones

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