Marine Serre is doing things differently

In 2020, it’s hard for young designers to make an impact. Mega-brands established decades ago still capture the minds and hearts of the mainstream, while niche lines are just that—relegated to a peripheral subset of customers who want to make statements with their style, explore boundaries, and experiment.

Marine Serre is a unique case because her profile has gained wide recognition in a short time, as a truly thoughtful, non-iterative designer…someone who is genuinely trying to rethink the garments we wear.

marine serre italist spring summer 2020 ss20

After finishing her fashion education at La Cambre in Brussels and several stints at highly-respected labels like Maison Margiela and Alexander McQueen, Marine Serre launched her own line and was awarded the 2017 LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers. And she’s only 28.

Today, her “Arabic-Western collision” collections are recognizable not only from their repeating crescent moon motif (taken from Islamic symbolism), but also for their mix of whimsy, athleticism, practicality, and futurism.

Marine Serre works with fabrics that are future-facing (i.e. synthetic, renewable, and/or regenerated and up-cycled), and prefers to think of the utility and movement that’s possible with a design in addition to pure aesthetics. Of course, design matters, and clothing is ultimately an extension (and expression) of art, so the collections have a unique beauty as well.

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marine serre bodysuits
marine serre at italist

Some of our favorite pieces from the line are the full-coverage bodysuits, which reference Serre’s upbringing in competitive gymnastics. They’re also a subtle political statement, as they inherently showcase the diversity of the female figure (rather than hiding it), and prioritize comfort and freedom of movement. Serre says she’s not being purposefully political, but is rather “highly engaged” in the issues facing the world today.

Of particular interest this season are the zebra-print pieces (first image above), which feel fresh and different from other more popular prints.

marine serre women's accessories spring summer 2020 ss20
marine serre mens menswear italist

Accessories from Marine Serre are both fun and functional—like the Big Ball hard crossbody bag and the Hat with a silk foulard attachment. Other bags are small but utilitarian, made of synthetic moire fabric with multiple pockets and carry configurations. Mens items are similarly practical and straightforward, albeit with the designer’s signature crescent moon (should you be unsure of the label from afar).

As you can see, the entire collection has a narrow color palette, which enhances its sense of identity and uniqueness. We’re very excited to have Marine Serre on our site, and are eagerly awaiting what will come next from this fledgling designer and fashion name to know.

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