Steeped in history and innovation, the Herno jacket is a quintessential winter staple for every closet

Like many brands we carry and have previously featured in this space, Herno represents a highly-respected name in Italian apparel, but is lesser known throughout the world. More than a label, Herno was founded nearly 75 years ago on the premise of functionality over aesthetics—thanks to the harsh winter climate of Northern Italy—and a dedication to quality that continues today. One of the brand’s men’s coats was recently highlighted in a GQ magazine article titled “These Are Fashion’s New Heirlooms.”

Still in the founding family’s hands, Herno’s state of the art production processes and quality controls are difficult to replicate, and have afforded the brand’s position as a refined and understated option for those who value superior fabrics and construction over the flash and ubiquity of logos.

women's herno jacket coats at italist
men's herno jacket coats at italist

During the post-war period of rebuilding and creative renaissance, the brand’s founder, Giuseppe Marenzi, was the first to apply castor oil to cotton outerwear to improve its water repellency, which was key to braving the cold, windy winter months in Lesa, in the Erno Valley, where the company’s headquarters is still based.

Around the middle of the last century, the brand was the first to combine athletic fabrications with more traditional tailoring fabrics to achieve a superior, all-weather, all-season outerwear garment. Thus, the Herno jacket was born.

In a way, Herno was the first name in upscale athleisure, which likely caught the eye of Japanese tourists in Italy and is why the label opened its first international boutique in Osaka in 1971.

women's herno jackets coats at italist
men's herno jackets coats at italist

Today, led by Giuseppe’s son Claudio, the brand prides itself on its rigorous fabric sourcing—technical nylons and other synthetics come from Japan while Italy’s best wools come from nearby Biella—in addition to high-tech manufacturing, which occurs in Sicily.

Given that we aggregate the inventory of more than 200 luxury boutiques in Italy, it’s no surprise that we have quite a few variations of the Herno jacket on the site, for women, men, and kids.

At first glance, the collections’ color schemes may seem limited, but what the Herno jacket lacks in trendiness it makes up for in timeless style, versatile colors (e.g. neutrals like black, navy, and tan that you can match with anything), and incredible quality that will last forever.

women's herno jackets coats at italist
men's herno jackets coats at italist

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