DROMe is a modern womenswear line based in European sensibilities and elevated ideas of how clothing should interact with a woman

We reached Marianna Rosati, DROMe’s Creative Director, to discuss the line, her creative process, and how sustainability will play a greater role in apparel production post-pandemic.

Design inspiration for a pandemic collection

Q: Part of the DROMe design process is about “merging invisible layers,” as if in a dreamy, multi-faceted atmosphere. Give us some examples of the inspiration or thought process behind the current collection.

A: Working on the DROMe Spring Summer 21 Collection has been an interesting process.

It was the first collection designed during the first half of the pandemic, so I had to keep in mind factors that usually we don’t consider, like the fact that people are spending more time at home, traveling less.

shop heron preston on italistDROMe spring summer 2021 collection

DROMe spring summer 2021 collection

A particular attention for comfortable clothes and effortless styles was at the centre of my creative vision during that time. I wanted to bring my trademark outfits—such as the suits and the trench coat—to a daily and effortless level. This is why we mixed fluid deconstructed jackets and trousers with mini bras and knit wrapping pieces.

The color palette is minimal and very defined, black and white at the core, plus earthy tones with fresh mint and lime touches. I wanted to show the effortless confidence of the DROMe woman, working on minimal silhouettes that would emphasize the body and the character of each person.

Designing with leather and silk

Q: We love DROMe’s emphasis on leather (lambskin, etc.). Why is leather a key focal point?

A: Leather has always been at the center of DROMe. My family history has taught me to experience the leather world at its finest. The concept of DROMe has always been working this material as if it was fabric, bringing it to life with a different kind of approach, more sophisticated.

I think that it’s a natural material, luxurious but also timeless. If you buy a leather piece you can use it forever and it will become more beautiful with time.

Q: What other materials do you like to create with, and why?

A: I love mixing our leather with super fluid fabrics such as viscose and silk jacquards or print. A big focus is on knitwear, perfect to be matched with leather.

DROMe leather

Q: What makes DROMe garments special? Give us some details that we may not know.

A: I think the special power of the DROMe garments is the confidence that a woman feel while wearing them. How do we do that? Well, I think it’s about attitude, cuts, colors and the shapes of our pieces.

I tend to work a lot on the daily wardrobe of a dynamic woman, thinking about how the same jacket could be worn in many different occasions. The fact that the same piece can be both elegant and casual makes it effortless to wear but also strong, as it makes you feel always at ease.

Q: What is the quintessential DROMe piece—a good starter item that represents the brand well?

A: Well I guess the trench coat is one of my favorite items. I always start designing a trench coat, it’s my starting point. It could come in super natural nappa, in polished leather or in shearling.

DROMe spring summer 2021 collection

Q: A lot of the design details mix the traditionally masculine and feminine, like exaggerated shoulders and double-breasted suiting. Tell us more about that theme.

A: I love translating the masculine wardrobe into the feminine silhouettes.

I think the sensuality of a woman is mostly hidden into her secret more masculine side. Blending masculine shapes and feminine details like high slits or super skinny dresses and mini tops is my way of expressing femininity. I also love the formal wear and this is why I’ve been designing suits for many years for DROMe, I’m happy now they finally got the spotlight!

DROMe spring summer 2021 collection

DROMe sustainability

Q: How is DROMe addressing sustainability?

A: Our leathers come only from the food supply chain, ensuring leather is responsibly sourced. The word sustainability is very much used, sometimes abused. Honestly the journey for fashion to be sustainable for real is still very long.

We put lot of effort on it, working closely with tanneries and producers to reduce the chemical impact and water consumption. We produce only the order quantities, so we have almost zero waste. We work only with carefully selected Italian laboratories and we care very much about the condition of our workers. We truly are a big family!

With Spring Summer 21 we launched the UPCYCLED Project, a limited edition capsule collection where every piece is unique, made by a combination of existing garments, vintage items and recovered materials deconstructed and put back together, reimagined into new shapes and volumes. It’s our way to inspire our audience to approach this kind of product for a circular economy.

DROMe upcycled project spring summer 2021 collection

Q: Tourists have come to Italy for years to discover new (and old) names in luxury fashion accessories. Why do you think Italians are so good at design and craftsmanship?

A:We have been basing the Italian dream on the idea and the fact that we are an excellence in handcrafting and tailoring. And this is absolutely true. There’s a timeless sense in Italian design and a  strong taste for luxury and high quality.

Q: Though the last year has been highly challenging—what’s one positive thing that has come out of the pandemic, for you personally or for the DROMe business?

A: Well, I guess I still need to process this very long year. I could not travel and being stuck in one place for me has been extremely challenging. Having said that, I had more time to study, go deeper into my passions and learn a lot. It has been a very reflective year, also for fashion. The entire fashion system is shaking, trying to find a new way of dealing with this kind of unedited reality. I think the seeds of this year will be more evident in the next few months and in the upcoming future.

Q: As an insider, what are your favorite spots in Florence to eat, take aperitivo, and shop? Are there any places you would suggest our readers not miss if they visit (when we can travel more freely again)?

A:Actually I know Florence very little! My entire life I’ve always been around the world, mostly in the UK, in London or Paris. I came back to Italy only recently and I’ve started doing things more locally.

Florence is a tiny city and you can walk very easily everywhere. My favorite district is Santo Spirito / San Frediano, a bit more local and understated than the historic center. You can have a nice aperitivo outside with a crowd of creative people (when allowed!) and there are lots of lovely places top eat, all run by local people and curated with love.

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Many thanks to DROMe Creative Director Marianna Rosati for speaking with us.

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