We’ve all been there– prepping up our wardrobe for the coming cold season. Trading cami tops and tees into knitwears and scarves? Easy. Bags and other fall accessories? We’re getting there. Shoes-wise? It’s a dilemma. Especially with this whole “wildly extravagant” on-going trend in the fashion scene, we’re already slipping away bit by bit from the minimalist trend and starting to embrace embellishments, making statements with opulent prints, even in shoes. “Where do we look for the perfect pair to start with?” you might ask. Here’s your answer: Christian Louboutin Women’s Shoes.



Originally a freelance shoe designer for famed fashion houses in Paris since 1981, Christian Louboutin began building an impressive women’s shoes portfolio of elaborate high-heels and met with already-successful designers at that time who’d eventually help him advance in his career. Christian Loubuoutin, then, started his own company in 1991 with Princess Caroline of Monaco as his first customer.

Christian Louboutin women’s shoes have this “perfect marriage of Parisian glamour and Italian craftsmanship”. The collection upholds timeless designs strengthened with creativity and allurement. Once can say that Christian Louboutin women’s shoes gives off that flirtatious edge that just makes one feel like a star.

Evidently, the famous Christian Louboutin “Red Sole” trademark fascinated a vast clientele– Hollywood celebrities, socialites, fashion icons and the like. 




Presently, Christian Loubutin Women’s Shoes for Fall/Winter 2017-18 Collection transparently shows the designer’s flamboyant personality and graceful attitude towards the maximalism trend. We’re seeing the bold heel heights, daring colors and luxurious embellishments with the iconic red sole– these, we confirm, are your perfect shoe choices  for Fall. 



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