A Q&A with Federica Tosi, the innovative and glamorous Italian designer

Federica Tosi started as a luxury jewelry collection—now the Italian designer’s namesake label offers glamorous ready-to-wear and accessories for the modern, dynamic woman.

Born 1978 in Rome and with a background in languages and business, Federica Tosi founded her label following a collaboration with Swarovski. Initially called Luxury Fashion, in 2016 the brand was renamed after the designer.

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Inspired by the spirit of modernity, Federica Tosi offers versatile, innovative, and glamorous pieces, 100% Made in Italy using only the best materials. Federica Tosi is loved and endorsed by celebrities, including Chiara Ferragni.

Fascinated and intrigued by her story, we reached out to Federica to ask a few questions.

shop heron preston on italistTell us about your background. When did you decide you wanted to be a designer?

I’ve loved beauty and style for as long as I can remember. I started by designing jewelry, and from there I stepped into ready-to-wear—it was very spontaneous. Creating clothes and jewelry comes natural to me, and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else to express my creativity and vision.

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In 2016 you expanded into ready-to-wear. How is designing clothes different from designing jewelry?

The starting point is the same: the woman I have in mind. I want to create pieces that accentuate her beauty when she wears them. The dresses and jewelry I design are means for her to express herself, her taste, and her aesthetic.

And who is this quintessential Federica Tosi woman?

The woman I think of when I design is a strong, modern, dynamic woman. A woman who’s always on the move, a woman who’s always busy. She loves expressing herself, surrounding herself with people, and she’s not afraid to always be herself.

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How would you describe your style?

Daily essential with a glamorous twist: premium quality materials, impeccable attention to detail, comfortable, and versatile.

Your newest jewelry collection is inspired by your grandma, Irma. How important is the past to you, and what influence does it have on your creations?

I always draw from my memories as a child, girl, and woman. I believe the past is an amazing tank we can draw from to express our creativity. We can reshape it and reinterpret it, to address the future. 

I had special relationship with my grandma, and the idea that I have brought her back through my creations moves me.

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Tell us about your SS22 ready-to-wear collection. What inspired you?

I’m always inspired by the spirit of modernity, by an urban woman who works and lives in the city, then maybe on the weekend escapes to the countryside, seaside or mountains.  

The SS22 Federica Tosi collection femininity is central–we have perhaps neglected our femininity because of the difficult times we have lived. Earth hues are mixed with bright colors, and glamorous details.

How much of Italy is there in your creations? And how much of an international influence?

Italy plays a key role in both my creative and manufacturing process. I am inspired by it, as it’s the country I was born and raised in, whose culture I am soaked in. As for manufacturing, I only choose premium-quality Italian fabrics and materials.

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I combine this with an international vision, which I have developed over the years through travels and contacts outside of Italy. My fashion is for a modern woman who does not identify with a specific country, a citizen of the global interconnected world.

Timeless or trendy?

I always try to combine the two: Federica Tosi pieces are versatile, suitable both for day and night—they’re staples for a woman’s wardrobe. On the other hand, I always elevate my pieces with glamorous details, reinterpreting them to follow the latest trends.

How did the brand change over the years? And how did you, as a designer?

From the first jewelry collection to the expansion into ready-to-wear, the Federica Tosi label has grown exponentially in only a few years. Today you can find us in the best multi-brand boutiques in Italy, and we are steadily growing abroad, too.

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My role has grown and evolved as well, both from a creative and a managerial standpoint. I’m more and more open to the ideas that come from my clients, from the boutiques, and the market in general. I work to create a “creative synthesis”, which I’m very proud of.

And lastly: where do you see the brand in the future?

I work every day to make my brand stronger and better structured. Among the many projects for the future are the opening of one or more mono-brand stores, and the creation of exclusive capsule collections and limited editions. 

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