How Does Ganni Fit?

Ganni isn’t merely a brand—it’s a state of mind! Read on to find out how to pronounce Ganni, where is Ganni brand from, how does Ganni fit, and more.

Ganni (pronounced GHA-NEE) is the Danish brand that has built a cult following on social media with its quirky and exuberant aesthetic—the #GanniGirls, as they call themselves.

With its unique take on Scandinavian style, Ganni is today one of the hottest contemporary fashion brands, and a global phenomenon.

how does ganni fit

And we are, simply put, obsessed!

But how did Ganni become the cult brand it is today and how does Ganni fit? Read on.

Where is Ganni brand from?

Ganni has been around for longer than you might think–it was created in 2000 by Copenhagen-based gallerist Frans Truelsen, as a line of cashmere apparel. But it wasn’t until nine years later, when Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrups took over the company, that Ganni became the unique label we know and love today. 

With Ditte as creative director and Nicolaj as CEO, Ganni sought out to create a new Scandinavian style, one that wouldn’t fall under the “minimal androgynous” or the “bohemian” heron preston on italist

“I thought there was a ‘Scandi 2.0’ style that the world hadn’t seen yet,” Ditte told Glamour.

where is ganni from

With its vibrant prints, flattering silhouettes, and accessible price point, Ganni spoke to those who see fashion as a way to experiment and express themselves freely, without following trends. So, the brand started gaining more and more popularity.

And when, in 2012, Kate Bosworth posted a picture with actress Helena Christensen, captioning it #GanniGirls, the hashtag went viral. Today, #GanniGirls has 82K posts, and counting. 

For me, the Ganni girl is a state of mind. She is a girl who is confident in her own skin and is relaxed about fashion. She’s not trying too hard, and that is very obvious. You can really feel that when you see her – it’s an easy approach to fashion and that is very attractive. –Ditte Reffstrups

Today, Ganni is still based in Copenhagen, and is owned and run by Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup. The brand has 37 flagship stores across Europe and the United States, and is represented in over 600 retailers.

where is ganni brand from

How does Ganni fit

Getting the wrong size when online shopping is a frustrating experience. We all know that not all brands fit the same. Even pieces from the same brand often fit differently! So, before you make your purchase, you might be wondering–how does Ganni fit?

Ganni uses European sizing. Ganni apparel is available in sizes EU 32 to EU 56. This chart will help you find your size. Sizes are based on a standard height of 170 cm +/- 4 cm (67 inch +/- 1 inch).

Generally, Ganni fits true to size.

how does ganni fit

Most Ganni dresses are cut for a relaxed fit. We recommend going one size down if you prefer a tighter fit. Bodycon dresses, however, are designed for a tight fit—we recommend sizing up if you’re in between sizes.

When picking your size, always take the material into consideration—will the fabric stretch when you’re wearing it? If so, you might get away with going one size down. If not (e.g. with silk), make sure you pick your real size. If you’re unsure, go one size up.

All Ganni pieces are designed to be comfortable–every garment has to pass Ditte’s “life” test, which includes a bike ride to work, taking care of three children, and dancing.

is ganni sustainableis ganni sustainable

Is Ganni sustainable?

Ganni claims it is “not a sustainable brand”—but not for the reasons you might think. In the era of greenwashing, Ganni recognises “the inherent contradiction between the current fashion industry that thrives off newness and consumption, and the concept of sustainability”.

Amid a growing climate emergency, Ganni sees environmental consciousness and social activism as a moral obligation. Over the years, the brand has worked with 3 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and committed to the targets set out in UNFCCC, NPEC & GFA.

Moreover, Ganni has recently introduced a take-back scheme, collecting clothing and textile waste in their Copenhagen and London stores, and launched the rental platform Ganni Repeat.

Read more on the rise of sustainable fashion and discover other sustainable brands.

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