How To Pronounce Jacques Marie Mage

Everything to know about the iconic eyewear brand on everyone’s lips: Jacques Marie Mage glasses

Jacques Marie Mage is the Los Angeles-based brand specializing in high-end, limited editions of haute eyewear. Founded by Jerome Jacques Marie Mage, the Frenchman behind the label seeks to create collectible opticals and sunglasses for like-minded visionaries and the quality-conscious.

Jacques Marie Mage is known for intersecting fashion and historical motifs to create a unique style that is special to the brand.

how to pronounce jacques marie mage

How to pronounce Jacques Marie Mage

Not sure how to pronounce Jacques Marie Mage? It goes like this: JHACK-MAH-REE-MAHJE. Stick to soft Js and soft Gs and you got it!

shop heron preston on italistWhen was Jacques Marie Mage founded?

Launched in 2014, Jacques Marie Mage wanted to do eyewear differently by focusing on precious metals, exquisite details and touches, and with a limited-edition model that would make the collection highly covetable.

when was jacques marie mage founded

The line’s design inspirations include the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s, the American West, known for its striking visuals and harsh environments, Napoleon’s “First Empire” aesthetic, known for unparalleled grandeur, and “Takumi,” the Japanese title that is bestowed upon any person who has honed their craft and skills for many years and can be considered a master craftsperson.

Jacques Marie Mage glasses are entirely made in Japan, a mark of handmade quality and commitment to ultimate quality. There, JMM artisans use fine cellulose acetate—an environmentally-friendly, renewable, and plant-based material that is durable and aesthetically pleasing—and titanium for hardware. 

Each pair of Jacques Marie Mage glasses take five months to construct and perfect.

jacques marie mage glasses

The Jacques Marie Mage Enzo

The Jacques Marie Mage glasses most classic to the brand may be the Jacques Marie Mage Enzo frame, an oversized, blocky frame evocative of Mr. Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari automobiles. It’s designed to be bold, but also act as a sort of shield.

Available in eyeglasses and sunglasses, the Jacques Marie Mage Enzo may be the most logical first entry into the brand’s world—and you may forever be changed by them.

jacques marie mage enzo

Each season, the brand releases new shapes and colorways in extremely limited production runs (less than 500 worldwide), never to be re-released again, so each pair is collectible.

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