Is eBay Legit?

Is eBay legit and is eBay authentication legit? Is eBay a good deal?

Did you know that you can find many of the same items that are available as second-hand at eBay on italist, brand new, for way less than retail? Read on for examples!

eBay is a peer to peer sales platform, so all of its items are sourced from individuals rather than directly from brands or retail partners.

italist is U.S.-based but rooted in close relationships with the best independent Italian luxury boutiques, along with many Italian team members. 

is ebay legit

italist sells only new, unused merchandise, and verifies its product sourcing with strict contractual agreements and individual invoices that prove the authenticity of any single item. Any item listed on italist is backed by a contract and an invoice with the brand.

Additionally, italist offers free express shipping on every order, a broad catalog of over 1,500 brands, a strong social media following, and two-way communication with all our shoppers, even when there’s a problem.

Is eBay legit?

We can’t answer the question is eBay legit, but italist is legit and has been since 2014, operating from offices in Los Angeles and with extensive documentation of its legitimacy, including a 50-point partner checklist and good standing with the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles.

eBay has been in business for quite some time, as one of the first online platforms for peer-to-peer resale, but it is also a massive scam problem, outlined by Aura.

Is ebay authentication legit? We can’t say, but it’s very easy for eBay sellers to use stolen pictures, create fake shipping and tracking information, and disappear once the transaction is complete.

Is eBay a good deal?

Because eBay deals in luxury resale, meaning the goods have come from individuals, some of the pricing is lower than retail, but italist still has lower prices on many items, even though italist’s goods are brand new and unused.

italist sells at the Italian price, which is lower than anywhere else in the world for high-end and designer luxury goods.

See below for examples of italist’s price beating eBay’s price, even though italist’s goods are brand new and eBay’s are often used or without tags.

is ebay a good deal bottega veneta sardine price comparison

is ebay a good deal christian louboutin hot chick pumps price comparison

So is eBay a good deal? We cannot say, but here is a quick comparison of italist vs. eBay:

italist vs. eBay

italist eBay
Free Express Shipping 4 business days, always Varies by seller, very rare
Product Sourcing Brands and Retailers Individuals
Brand New, In-Season Yes No
Certification From the brand (contract + invoice) Internal Team

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