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Curious about italist pricing ? We sell at the Italian retail price, so our prices are already lower!

The prices you see listed on italist product pages are the Italian retail price, so even during non-sale periods, they’re lower than prices at other online shops or at offline retail stores in your region, a 40% savings on average. This is why italist pricing may be lower than the full retail price you see quoted elsewhere for the same item.

During seasonal sales periods in the late fall and mid-year, the savings can be even greater, as much as 80% off, which is why we don’t offer any italist coupon code or one-time italist discounts for signing up to receive our emails (though you should do that—they’re pretty great).

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So why are Italian prices lower? It has to do primarily with the structure of the import and distribution of luxury goods, sales and consumption taxes, import duties, and regional price positioning set by each brand.

Prices in Italy may be lower in absolute terms (even with currency exchange rates) because there are no importer or distributor costs like there often are in other countries and the price of doing business is lower (rents and labor costs are cheaper). Additionally, the Italian market is more sensitive to price increases than in other markets (high price elasticity of demand).

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A great example of advantageous italist pricing are these men’s Gucci suede ankle boots from Fall-Winter 2019. We have them on sale for $611 USD. Farfetch, SSENSE, and Neiman Marcus all have them still full price for $1,250 USD.

We can do this because we’ve partnered with over 250 of Italy’s best luxury fashion boutiques to stock over 1,500 of the world’s best designer brands, and we import all items directly from Italy. From classic luxury to streetwear, from footwear to hair accessories, for women, men, and kids, there are typically over 250,000 unique items to discover.

And, we make sure you get your order as quickly as possible by shipping all items by DHL Global Express, free to you.

During the recent holiday season, we sold out of the Max Mara Arona tie-waist coat because it was an unbelievable deal: 68% off the full U.S. retail price!

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In order to replicate the experience and italist pricing, you’d have to go to Italy, shop in stores, bring items back with you, collect your VAT refund at the airport before your return flight, and potentially pay duties upon reentry to your home country.

On italist, we’ve taken care of all the details and bring you just the best, at the best price, with new arrivals added every day. In other words, there are no italist coupon code to add because we’ve already made prices as low as possible.

We’ve built our entire business model around offering the best price—the Italian retail price and the italist price—for the most in-demand designer fashion and luxury accessories. And we’re passionate about Italy’s amazing luxury shopping and thought, why not make that accessible to the world? (You’re welcome.)

Shop Gucci, Max Mara, Christian Louboutin, Balenciaga, and more.

To learn more about our innovative site, check out italist 101 and this Q&A with master deal-finder Stacie from the Luxe Hunt blog.

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