We caught up with Sasa Zoe of Shall We Sasa, a fashion blogger from San Francisco and an avid customer of Italist. Know more about how she started blogging, her style influences and shopping experience with Italist. You can also shop her look down below!

Tell us a bit about yourself and where you live.

I’m Sasa, a full time engineer and a part time fashion blogger. I lived in New York for twelve years- such an amazing city. It’s where I started my blog Shall We Sasa in 2013 and where I met my husband. NYC has a special spot in my heart no matter where I go.

We moved from New York to San Francisco last year. The two cities are definitely very different in many ways and right now, I’m happy that I get to explore and know more about SF.

How did you get started in blogging?

Fashion has always been a passion of mine since I was little. Growing up, my family was an inspiration and that became a prime motivator for me in taking a step in fashion: My father has always dressed stylish and I have two aunties living in Japan and Australia who would mail me clothes when I was a young girl. Those gifts sparked an interest at an early age. I’ve always loved dressing up for fun as it makes me so happy. Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.


Eventually, I got a lot of questions from friends or girls I met asking me stuffs like where my outfits were from or which items to pick when shopping. I decided to start Shall We Sasa to inspire and be inspired when it comes to styling, shopping, etc.

Although I’m doing blogging part time, it’s demanding and takes a lot of time like a full time job. That’s why I dedicate all my off hours and weekends to it.

What are your goals/ plans for the future?

It’s been such a fun journey where I’m able to connect and share so much with my readers for the past four years. Every time I see a reader’s comment saying they like my recommendations makes me really happy: “the shoes are so comfy and cute” or “I wore that dress to a friend’s wedding”– those little thank you’s and appreciation of what I do makes me want to grow more as a fashion influencer.

What I’ve realized is that I have different goals at different times but one thing that hasn’t changed is being able to help my readers by genuinely connecting with them through our shared interest and love for style.


How has your experience with Italist been?

My experience with Italist has been great. Shipping was WAY quicker and easier than I expected. I love that Italist has a wide range of high-quality clothes and accessories to choose from. Nowadays, so much of what you see on the internet and shopping sites are not the same online as when you get them. Not with Italist though! The item I ordered is exactly as pictured on italist.com, which I really appreciate. I love my awesome Golden Goose shoes!


Shop Sasha’s Shoes:


Golden Goose Silver/Gold May Sneakers


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