If You’ve Ever Asked “How does italist work?” Here’s Your Answer

A visit to italist is like a tour of Italy’s best boutiques, but without the jet lag, the cost of a plane ticket and hotel, or the footwork of going from store to store in search of the perfect item at the best price.

Through our unique sourcing and vetting process, we partner with over 200 Italian boutiques that put more than 200,000 authentic luxury designer fashion items from more than 1,000 brands at your fingertips—and at 40% less than you’d pay elsewhere. Here’s how italist works:

How does italist work – a curated selection of Italy’s most-trusted boutiques

We maintain an up-to-date database of designer brands’ authorized retailers. From that list, we select the boutiques with the most stylish, in-season fashions and invite them to become a partner for our platform. Once they are thoroughly vetted and trained to meet our quality standards for product authenticity and packaging for shipping, their merchandise joins our selection.

Since prices are typically lower in Italy than in other countries (not to mention the customs duty you might end up paying when bringing home goods from abroad), we are able to offer your favorite designers’ collections below market price.  

luxury fashion savings direct from Italy
Save a bundle when you shop Italy’s hottest boutiques with italist.

How does italist work – a simplified way to shop authentic designer fashion

Have you ever spent what felt like an eternity pounding the pavement in search of a designer style you saw on your favorite influencer, only to buy it at one boutique and then see it at a lower price in another store?

We feel your pain, and we’re here to do something about it. Our search feature makes it easy to access the inventories of multiple stores with only a few keystrokes. For example, if you saw Ariana Grande’s Instagram post featuring a feathered top and are dying to get that look, you’d simply type “feather top” into the search box. Within seconds, you’re presented with a variety of options from our partner boutiques—including that cool top you’re seeking from The Attico.

Within minutes, and from the comfort of your couch (or cozy coffee shop chair), you’ve accomplished what could have otherwise taken hours or even days. Once you’ve placed your order, the partner boutique that’s supplying your item will pack and prepare it for shipment. italist then handles the import/export procedures and oversees each detail as your item goes from the boutique to your doorstep.

We hold your payment in our secure billing system until you’ve received your order, at which time we pay the partner. It only takes around four days for you to receive your shipment.

in-season designer fashions at your fingertips
Hundreds of Italian boutiques and over 200,000 designer fashions are at your fingertips.

A trusted source for the newest runway looks

Through our partner boutiques, italist is able to offer the latest collections for women, men, and children from designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Off-White, Chloé and more. To find out what’s new, all you have to do is visit italist, click your category of choice, and sort by the newest items.

You can also stay in the know by subscribing to our email newsletter, which features new releases, fashion insights, and styling tips. italist makes sure you’re always your most stylish self.

Want to know more about how does italist work and how we can bring you real designer fashions straight from the chicest boutiques in Italy at great prices? Check out our blog post, Is italist Legit? to learn more about how we do it. 

Italy designer fashions shoes
Luxury fashions, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children — from the designer runways right to your doorstep.

Shop italist for up to 40% off on over 150,000 up-to-the-minute luxury fashions for women, men, and kids from leading brands like Golden Goose, Fendi, Gucci, Miu Miu, and many more—direct from Italy’s finest boutiques to your door.

By: Nafeesa Saboor

Nafeesa is the founder and editor of Shoes N Booze, a blog that pairs shoes with cocktails and provides shoe and cocktail-related tips, trend information, and reviews. Her writing has also been published in The Source Magazine, xoJane, Sisters from AARP and other publications.

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