Love designer jeans? Think Purple Brand

Black Purple Brand jeans and the Purple Brand shirt set the new standard in accessible luxury denim

Denim, the quintessential element of any wardrobe, is redefined by Purple Brand, a label that has rapidly carved a niche in the realm of designer jeans since its inception in 2017.

Founded by Luke Cosby and Rob Lo, Purple Brand has established itself as a contemporary beacon in the fashion industry, offering a blend of innovative design and aesthetic appeal.

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Purple Brand Origins

The inception of Purple Brand is as intriguing as its offerings. Initially conceptualized without a name, the brand sought to explore the market with an unnamed product line.

purple brand shirt

However, the sudden demise of the iconic musician Prince, known for his association with the color purple, inspired the founders to christen their brand ‘Purple’, paying homage to his legacy and exuding an aura of artistic creativity and boldness.

Headquartered in Soho, New York City, with an additional office in Vancouver, Purple Brand stands as a testament to the founders’ dynamic vision and international footprint.

Black Purple brand jeans, though young, reflect a mature understanding of the sartorial needs of modern consumers. It focuses on offering high-quality, designer pieces that don’t come with an extravagant price tag. The brand’s ethos is to create clothing that radiates the luxury of designer wear while remaining accessible.

purple brand jeans

Purple Brand Denim Design

Purple Brand’s design philosophy is refreshingly spontaneous and inspired by the world around its creators. Co-founder Rob Lo draws inspiration from diverse sources, ranging from vintage finds to his observations at Disneyland, showcasing a unique perspective on style and fashion.

This eclectic approach has resulted in a line that is not just about classic pieces like black Purple Brand jeans, but also about adding unique touches like paint splatters to their designs, bringing a playful yet refined edge to their collections.

purple brand denim

One of the standout pieces from Purple Brand’s recent collection is the painted hoodie, which has garnered attention for its distinctive design and has been sported by celebrities like Mason Mount.

The brand’s fondness for experimenting with colors is evident, with worn light indigo being a personal favorite of co-founder Luke Cosby, indicative of the brand’s preference for versatile yet statement-making pieces.

Purple Brand Shirts and Purple Brand Shorts

Purple Brand’s future holds exciting prospects. Beyond its denim roots, the brand is poised to expand into various fashion categories, including swimwear, leather goods, shoes, and a comprehensive ready-to-wear line including the infamous Purple Brand shirt. This expansion signals Purple Brand’s commitment to evolving and catering to a wider array of fashion preferences.

purple brand shirt

In essence, Purple Brand is more than just another label in the crowded fashion landscape.

It’s a story of passion, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to quality. For the discerning fashion enthusiast who values both style and substance, Purple Brand emerges as a compelling choice, offering an array of garments that are as much a statement of individuality as they are of fashion.

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