Finding the ideal winter jacket can be a daunting task, particularly when looking for one that ticks every box. Few options on the market seamlessly blend high quality, warmth, and style, which is why the Moose Knuckles jacket stands high among top brands like Moncler and Canada Goose in the realm of winter jackets. 

Read on to learn more about the iconic Moose Knuckles jacket and why we think it’s special.

The Rich Heritage of Moose Knuckles

The founding of the Canadian luxury sportswear brand Moose Knuckles was marked in 2009 and created by a dynamic duo of visionaries: Noah Stern, whose family has manufactured parkas for over 100 years, and Ayal Twik, a figure with a prominent background in the fashion industry.

moose knuckles coat

Since then, Moose Knuckles has become highly favored in the fashion world for its ethical and conscious processes, as well as technically-superior designs and approachable price point.

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Moose Knuckles Jackets Sale

Shop the Moose Knuckles jacket collections for both men and women on italist and enjoy discounted and competitive retail prices, as well as free 4-day worldwide shipping.

moose knuckles jacket price comparison

moose knuckles jacket price comparison

Moose Knuckles’ Conscious Design Approach

Moose Knuckles sets itself apart with a conscious design approach and circular business model. A Moose Knuckles jacket is crafted utilizing ethically sourced materials as well as sustainable production practices. The brand’s current animal welfare policy consciously prioritizes humane treatment and adheres to rigorous standards in sourcing animal by-products from the food industry.

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Every step of Moose Knuckles’ journey ties in with its Canadian community, through philanthropic efforts.

Moose Knuckles Size Chart

Moose Knuckles Size Chart

What Makes Moose Knuckles a Top Brand?

Moose Knuckles redefines the traditional uncomfortable puffer jacket by developing the right blend of heavy-duty toughness and comfort. The brand’s all-terrain material is not only durable and water-resistant but also boasts meticulous craftsmanship consisting of thoughtful tailoring, precise stitching, and premium YKK hardware that is freeze and rust-proof.

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As for thermal insulation, each jacket contains superior fill power within its composition to maintain warmth without compromising leanness. 

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The incredible versatility of Moose Knuckles jackets allows for its ability to adapt to various styles. Whether seeking an athletic fit, a dressy coat, or everyday warmth, this brand’s wearability is unparalleled, offering something everyone will love. 

moose knuckles jacket

moose knuckles varsity jacket

For outdoor exercise enthusiasts, the Moose Knuckles Hooded Jacket for women and the Ski Mountain Jacket for men make the perfect companions for a cold morning run.

Those in search of warm and casual everyday wear can effortlessly achieve it with the Moose Knuckles men’s ‘Varsity’ Bomber Jacket (pictured above) paired with the White Satellite T-shirt and the Hartsfield Cargo Jogging Pants.

Women aiming for elegance on a winter night out can elevate their ensemble with the Moose Knuckles Fur Jacket topped with the Sackett Black Polyester Hat.

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