Must Have Fall Winter Pieces

With every new season, new trends and must-haves come into play. What are the Fall-Winter must haves for 2015? What do you need to have in order to look stylish and fun?  Let’s find out:

Leather Jackets

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Leather jackets are sleek, stylish and a must-have for fall/winter 2015. They not only keep you warm, but they add some edge to your look. But overall, this outfit is very feminine. Ankle booties complete the look and pair perfectly with the leather jacket.



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Fringe detailing is extremely popular this season. Fringe adds a little rock-and-roll movement to your outfit.

This jacket combines two trends in one. Not only is it made of leather, but has a great fringe trim. This look is sharp and stylish. Balance the fun of the fringe trim with a killer pair of high heeled ankle boots. A black bucket bag completes this up-to-the-minute selection.

Capes and Ponchos


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Capes and ponchos are what separate the fashionable women from the girls. The loose lines and flowing silhouette make any figure look statuesque and dramatic. Not ready to take the full-length plunge? Try a shorter version in basic black. Rest assured that this look is practical, too. This short cape will do the job of keeping you warm. This outfit is trendy: the cape, ankle boots and bucket bag all make it work.

Bucket Bags


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Bucket bags were one of the hottest It Bag trends that we’ve seen in the past few years. No surprise, the trend continues to be strong this Fall/Winter. The unique shape still looks fresh  when paired with your cold-weather separates. Busy moms like Miranda Kerr appreciate that the roomy interior hold everything they need to get through the day.

When it comes to trends, the days of slavish prescriptives are over. We’re grown women and more than capable of making up our own minds about what to wear (and when to wear it). But we still love the way that fashion can transform how we present ourselves to the world. So take a chance and see how these new pieces can mix up your usual look.

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